Thursday, September 25, 2014

10 Fave Big Ass Salads

Although it might sound cliche, since we vegans are supposed to only eat rabbit food, but my favorite thing to eat is a big ass salad.  Salads don't have to be dainty, or for the faint of heart.  They can be massive piles of protein and produce, all blended together with a great sauce and served on greens or crackers.  There are no rules with salads.

It was hard to work my list down to just 10 of my favorite ones, but here we go...

What's your favorite vegan salad?


  1. Oh my goodness - I found your blog as I was googling experiences with the Arbonne 28 day challenge. I AM SO HAPPY - so many recipes and just awesome insight in general from you. I have struggled with eating disorders too, depression too, and am still working on overcoming certain issues. I am beginning to get into Yoga as well, looking at trying PiYo as well. Thank you so much for blogging - I look forward to reading!!

    1. Thanks for commenting! It's a struggle that can be controlled. You just have to be kind to yourself. Best of luck :)

  2. YUMMMM!!! You are the queen of salads, lady! I am always so inspired by your creative salad-making ways! Hooray!

  3. Man, that Beyond Meat salad looks crazy awesome! My fave salad is the kind where I throw a bunch of shit in a bowl and top with Daiya, vegan ranch, bacon bits, and homemade croutons made from toasted, buttered Ezekiel bread.

  4. All those salads look wonderful, just showing how versatile they can be :)

    1. There are so many ways to make a great salad!

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