Thursday, August 21, 2014

LR Takout Review: Chi's Asian Cafe and Sushi Bar

Work has been nuts lately.  Josh is in the same boat.  Somehow, our deadlines always line up, and the weeks when I'm really stressed out, he is too.  This past week was like that for us.  We were so busy that we would come home from work, eat something hurriedly, then work at home until late in the evening.  When that happens, I tend to stop taking care of myself.  I'm really trying to be better though, so while all that was happening, I made it a rule that I still had to go to yoga.  My yoga studio is right next to Chi's Asian Cafe and Sushi Bar, so after Tuesdays' class, I decided to pop in for some takeout.  Chi's is a bit of an institution in Little Rock, but I'd only ever eaten at Chi's Too, which was right near my house when I first moved to Little Rock.

I walked in and looked at the digital menu at their cashier station for a long time before finally deciding what I wanted.  I wanted something filling, but still relatively healthy.  I also wanted enough so I wouldn't need to cook for many meals the rest of the week.  So, I ordered a vegetable delight with tofu, some miso soup, and some rice noodles.  The rice noodles come with egg, so I had them leave it off.  They would not make me Vietnamese spring rolls with tofu, which I thought was weird.  They said the spring rolls were pre-made, which did not sound good to me, so I'm glad I didn't order any.

I had my miso soup while I was waiting for them to assemble my order, because I was pretty hungry after yoga.  The miso soup was good.  I'm a big fan, though.  I like really salty soups.

I got my takeout home, and they had packed me another miso soup, which I was pretty happy about.  I had it for lunch later in the week.  There were a TON of rice noodles, which came covered in curry.  It was tasty, and there were quite a few veggies in the mix.  The tofu and steamed veg were my favorite.  They were flavorful and still crispy, and I had them over a little steamed rice.  This was plenty of food for 2 more dinners, which made me quite happy.

I'd say these dishes were pretty good for takeout.  I wouldn't say that anything was exceptional, but it was good, standard Chinese food.  I would definitely order it again.

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to post this wonderful review of our restaurant. My name is Sam and I am the GM of Chi's Asian Café. The Vietnamese spring rolls are not premade so making them with tofu would not have been a problem. Next time you come in I would be more than happy to make other healthy recommendations.

    1. Hi Sam! I figured the Vietnamese ones would have to be made to order, so I'll definitely try them next time! I am craving some right now :)


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