Monday, August 11, 2014

Little Rock Restaurant Meals

Josh and I try to make most of our meals at home, but on the weekends, we tend to venture out to our favorite restaurants around Little Rock.  I have been banking all of these for one big post, because most of these restaurants are ones that I've already reviewed for you.  There are so many great veggie options around the city if you know what to look for.  So, here's a compilation of my favorite eats and how you can customize them to fit your dietary needs!


Tropical Smoothie is a lunch or dinner spot for me when I need something quick and healthy.  There is one right next to my office as well as on the way home from the gym.  Josh and I often grab smoothies when we're running errands on Saturday afternoon.  I love that they carry Beyond Meat in their stores, and I often throw that into my meals.  I usually get the Island Green Smoothie (with no sugar) and the Thai Chicken Wrap (or salad) with Beyond Meat.


Possibly my favorite place to eat in the whole city is Layla's.  I love many items on the menu, but I always get the same thing.  If I'm going to eat at Layla's, I'm ordering the Syrian Salad with a side of falafel.  Josh and I usually get hummus, because it's really delicious, too.


This girl loves Mexican food, and when I want some, the Senor Tequila on Camp Robinson is my favorite place to go.  That's technically in North Little Rock, but there are great ones all around the city.  When I want some filling food, I go for the Fajitas Primavera.  It's usually full of great veggies.  It's always more food than I can eat, but it's fun to bring it home and make meals with the leftovers.  Don't forget to ask for the hot salsa, because it's amazing.


In July, I took my friend, Erin, out for a birthday lunch.  We headed over to The Main Cheese and had some good food.  We started with the hummus plate, which was really yummy.  The pita chips were crispy and flavorful, and the hummus was tasty, too.  I got the Thai Peanut Fusion salad and added avocado, and they hooked me up!  The salad was supposed to have edamame, but I didn't realize it was missing until I had destroyed the salad, so I guess I didn't need it that badly.  Perhaps the best part of the meal was a raspberry sorbet from Loblolly Creamery.  It was delicious.


That monster burger is a veggie burger from Big Orange.  It was massive, and I felt a little defeated by it, but it was incredible.  I ordered the veg patty on the Hickory Smoke burger, without cheese, and I added jalapenos.  It was insane.

Another really yummy meal I had at Big Orange was the Thai Chop Salad.  I ask for black beans instead of steak, and I ask them to add avocado.  It's truly delicious.  The dressing is salty and satisfying.  I was super hungry this day, so I ordered it with a side of their killer sweet potato fries.


Perhaps one of my favorite places to eat lunch is at Whole Foods.  I love running over there and getting a massive salad, but we are working on our food budget, so I'm cutting back and saving these for splurges.


Izzy's is a favorite lunch spot of my office, and they have so many vegan options.  It's always my favorite place in the city to buy loose leaf tea.  My first meal I want to show you is the Sesame Asian Ginger Salad, which I add black beans and avocado to for heft.  Yum!

A meal that keeps me coming back again and again is the veggie melt with soup.  It's great without the cheese, because they put a generous amount of guac inside.  Yum and yum.  I really love the black bean soup, which I get without sour cream.  I always throw in a side of jalapenos in, too, for spice!

The last meal I want to show you from Izzy's is the Tortilla Soup.  Usually it comes with the chicken tortilla soup, but I ask for it with the Mexican Vegetable soup, which is vegan.  I leave off the sour cream and cheese and just enjoy the tortilla and avocado.  Of course, I get jalapeno on the side!


No compilation of my favorite Little Rock meals would be complete without US Pizza.  It's our favorite place to grab a seat on the patio, have a beer, and read the Arkansas Times.  I love the chips and salsa, because they're salty, spicy and delicious.  I almost always order the vegetable medly pizza, and they let me sub out veggies for cheese.  This pizza has added artichokes, sun dried tomatoes and jalapenos.  It's incredibly delicious.

I love that there are so many places in the area where I can get a great meal and want to keep coming back over and over again!


  1. Omg, I want that Big Orange burger!!! That looks insane!! Also, I love the black bean tamales at Izzy's (I think I always put Sheridan in charge of ordering and she makes sure there's no cheese). And god, I would love another slice (or 3) from US Pizza. And ice treats and kombucha from Loblolly!!

    1. Yes, I think the veg tamales usually come wish cheese dip, but I always get it with a side of salsa and a side of guac. So tasty!! I'm craving some Indian food now. I'm definitely going to have to hit up Taj Mahal this week.

  2. This post is amazing!! I'm so totally hungry for all of these things now!! haha! I need to plan an agenda for Bianca's visit and I'm pretty sure we'll be making a few of these stops over the weekend! YUMMM!!!

    1. Thanks! I REALLY need to work on a Vegan's guide to Little Rock. These are really just a "what I have eaten lately," but I have had so many good meals in the city. I will still let you know what our schedule is this weekend. I would love to come out for a meal if I can swing it! :)

  3. Dana, I should not start my day by looking at all of these pictures; I am suddenly hungry again - ha! :) I have not yet visited The Main Cheese, but I may have to, now! Love so many of these places, especially Layla's - yum! I need to remember Tropical Smoothie for fast, healthy foods; there's one right by where we live, so that's a great alternative. Great post; thanks so much!

    1. Thanks!! The Main Cheese is pretty good! It's a little pricey, but I have enjoyed the salads I have tried, and their apps are fresh and delicious. I love Tropical Smoothie. I need to remember it more, too.

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