Friday, August 15, 2014

Baze the Craze

Awhile back, Josh and I decided to bring another cat into the house.  We were a little afraid of how Bodhi would act, because she has been an only child for 6 years and not that friendly towards other animals.  Then, we found a stray but couldn't keep him.  Thankfully, our friend Ryan took the cat we found, and he's really really happy.

So, after all that, we decided a kitten was the way to go.  It's kitten season here, which means in the summer the shelters are over run with kittens because of cats breeding cycles and people not fixing their animals.  I kept hearing news stories where all the local shelters were over run with kittens.  We wanted to give it a try, but we knew that if Bodhi freaked out, we would need options.  So, we put in an application to foster a kitten with Care for Animals.  A few weeks later, they called us back and said they had tons of kittens that needed to be placed in loving foster homes.  It would be our responsibility to take care of the kitten, bring him or her to all necessary appointments at the vet, then once they were old enough, we could adopt or care for them until they got adopted.

Of course, we fell in love.

Basil, or Baze the Craze as we have been calling her, is a wild, spunky kitten.  She was the runt of the litter, and she's incredibly playful.  At first, Bodhi was not crazy about her, but over the past month, they have developed some sort of understanding.  They play and chase each other around the house, which makes me crazy happy.  The only time Bodhi gets really mad is early in the morning, where Basil decides that it's time to run laps around the bed.

Basil is fascinated by Bodhi, and she wants to cuddle her all the time.  Bodhi is not always so quick to want that.  I think they'll get there, though.  We spent a week keeping Basil isolated from Bodhi, then eventually we let them have more and more contact with each other.  Now, they hang out in the house while we're gone, and sometimes I even catch them kissing or grooming.

This usually ends in them rolling around play fighting after about 3 seconds.

She was pretty crazy at first, because well, she's a kitten.  That's how she earned her nickname, The Craze!  Now, though, she's calmed down a bit, and she's incredibly cuddly.

Once she is fixed in a couple months, we can formerly adopt her, but she's definitely part of the family.


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