Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Vegan Menu to Bring to Any Summer BBQ

Yesterday, I shared with you the recipe for some amazing BBQ Tempeh Wraps we brought to Josh's work party.  Today, I want to share the rest of the menu with you, then you get to see some mouth watering dessert production photos.

Vegan Summer BBQ Menu

Killer Zucchini Salad
BBQ Tempeh Party Wraps
Minimalist Baker Peanut Butter Pie, made into cups
Minimalist Baker Cheesecake bites

We knew there would be a dessert contest, so we brought the vegan love.  Unfortunately, we were beaten out by a regular cheesecake, but everyone loved our desserts too.  The star of the show, though, was really the zucchini salad.  Everyone kept going back for more.

I changed up the recipe slightly on the salad.  This time, instead of throwing in big peanuts, I smashed a bunch of super salty peanuts and sprinkled them on top at the end.  It had just the right amount of heat and flavor, and it was almost gone when we got home.

I really wanted to blow everyone out of the water with these desserts, and Minimalist Baker has the best desserts around.  These would be great for any party.

The first dessert we made was the peanut butter cups.  It may be a bit tricky to find vegan graham crackers, but you can usually find something at whole food that will work.  These would be great without the crust, too.

These are so delicious, creamy and flavorful.  I think they work better as a mini bite, because they're really rich.

The second dessert was the mini cheesecake bites.  Yum and yum.  This was my favorite.

The key to these bites is to let them warm up a little bit before you serve them.  Of course, you need to freeze them to set, but they're super tasty when they're just a little soft.

These compliment each other so well, and I think they would be a great party food to serve along side one another.

No matter what you bring, cook food that you love and share it with your friends.


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