Monday, July 7, 2014

Eats and Scenes around New York

New York was an amazing trip. So many things to do and places to eat.  I already shared with you guys our love of Champs Jr. and the decadent food we had at Pure Food and Wine.  I also posted over on Scribbly Brain, my art blog, about the amazing scenes we saw on the High Line in Manhattan.

There are still so many meals and pictures for me to share with you!  In my last NYC series post, I will give you the rest of the highlights of the trip.

Our Apartment

I found an amazing Air BbB in Greenpoint, within minutes of a subway stop and our friends, David and Tom.  It was my first Air BnB, and the process was incredibly easy.  Plus, it made it affordable to stay so close to all the things we wanted to do.  I know cities are trying to fight this process, but it made the whole trip much more do-able.

Our apartment even came with a beautiful cat, Lola.  She was cuddly and awesome, and it really made me feel like home.

We started our our trip with a little champagne, then went for a walk down to Williamsburg.  Devon and I had not eaten, so we popped in for a quick bite.

San Loco, Williamsburg

Our first meal in NYC was at San Loco.  We were starving.  We shared an amazing salsa and guac, and everyone got a taco.  I got the roasted veggie taco, and it was delicious.

Vaute Couture

I have loved Vaute Couture for years.  Ever since they started selling beautiful, vegan winter coats.  I bought a necklace from them years ago, when they just had an online store.  Now, they have a beautiful storefront in Williamsburg.  So, we went to check it out.  There was an amazing store puppy!

After Vaute, we met up with my old roommate from college, David.  He and his partner live in Greenpoint, and they were our amazing, local guides for the weekend.  We found a patio to have some sangria, but I forgot what the place was called.

After drinks, we headed to an art installation under the Williamsburg Bridge.

Kara Walker 

We waited in a huge line to go into the old Domino Sugar Factory to see an exhibit by Kara Walker.  It was a really interesting art piece.

After the exhibit, we headed to dinner.  David picked an Italian place, thinking they would have a ton of vegan options.  I found the menu a little limiting, but I still strung together a good meal.

Isa, Williamsburg

I ordered the baby lettuce and fresh herb salad, and we shared the roasted potatoes and sugar pea snaps.  The sides were out of this world.  They were so flavorful and delicious.

After dinner, we went dancing!

94 Wythe

The next morning, we had our brunch at Champs Jr., then we headed into Manhattan.

Devon was not a huge fan of the subway, but she handled it well!

In the city, I had a dress fitting at Dolly Couture.  I am looking in several places for a wedding dress, but I was so excited to try on these.  They're all in a short, 50's style, and they're affordable.  I am trying to be sensitive to the dress materials, and I haven't made any purchases yet.

The whole experience was really fun, and I definitely have two dresses that I'm in love with.  I have another trip in September to Memphis with my mom, but after that, I will make a decision.

After dress shopping, we met up with David and walked the High Line.  Along the way, we stopped in for a snack at the Chelsea Market.  It was fantastic, and they had a stall for one of the restaurants I REALLY wanted to try.

Beyond Sushi

We stopped at Beyond Sushi, an amazing, all vegan sushi shop.  I got a rice paper wrap, and Devon, David and Mel got rolls.  They were all incredibly tasty!

Vegan sushi!!!!!  It was amazing.  After that, we hit the High Line, then walked around Chelsea and had dinner at Pure Food and Wine.

The next morning, Mel had to go home.  We were sad to see her leave, so we consoled ourselves with mac and cheese balls from Champs Jr.

Holy vegan awesomeness.  Why can't there be a Champs Jr. in Little Rock?!

After breakfast, we got suited up and headed to Jacob Riis Beach.  We took a shuttle out there, but first, we grabbed sandwiches from Saltie and vegan cookies from Milk.  Sunday was pride, so there were rainbow flags and celebrations all over the beach.  It was fantastic.

After the beach, we wanted something cheap and delicious, so we got falafel and headed to David and Tom's roof.


The falafel from Oasis was out of this world.  We had a feast!

As we sat on the roof digesting our amazing dinner, fireworks for Pride started in Manhattan.  So, we enjoyed a lovely show.  We said goodbye to our amazing hosts, because they had to return to work in the morning.

Monday, Devon and I got up and hit Champs Jr. one more time, then we headed out into Brooklyn for a few more hours.  We were not flying out until late that afternoon, so we tried to cram in a few more tasty treats before we left.

Drinks at Five Leaves

Chocolate Chai Ice Cream from Williamsburg Creamery.

Lunch at Trix

We split the Tofu Nicoise and beets, and it was delicious.  We had a final glass of wine, and then headed back to the apartment.  We packed up, called a cab, and headed to the airport.

It was a wonderful trip, and it was a really great experience as a vegan.  I hope more options like this come to Little Rock.  Back to more recipe posts tomorrow!


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