Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Champs Jr. in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

I am back from my trip to New York City, and I had a fantastic time!  I have so many great meals to share with you, and a lot of them happened at Champs Jr. in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Champs is an amazing, all vegan diner that was just a few blocks away from our Airbnb.  We woke up Saturday morning and decided to go there for some hearty breakfast foods.  Devon, Melissa and I all settled in and ordered a cup of coffee with almond milk.  I figured I would drink some coffee while I was in New York, and it was great at Champs.

We all settled on what we would eat, and then we ordered biscuits and gravy to split.  Holy crap!  This really kicked off the trip, and I knew we were about to eat some amazing vegan food.  The biscuits were delicious, and the vegan gravy was rich, salty and wonderful.  I even loved the salad topping.

We all got meals and split them up.  Devon ordered the Tofu Benedict.  This was probably my favorite one.  The tofu and sauce were perfect.  There were also hash browns, but I passed on them, because I had plenty in my meal.

Melissa ordered tofu scramble, hash browns, and rye toast.  She shared several bites with me, and I really loved everything, especially the toast.  It felt amazing having the option to order anything on the menu, and everything we ordered was delicious.

The people running the restaurant were great.  We chatted with them about Arkansas, veganism and the amazing food.

I ordered a quinoa bowl with tofu scramble, hash browns and kale.  The kale was my absolute favorite part.  It was garlic-y, light and cooked to perfection.  The quinoa added even more protein, keeping me full until late afternoon.

Here's my plate of sampling.  I really loved all of it, and I eyed a few things on the menu that I wanted to come back and try.

The next morning, Melissa had to head home, but Devon and I decided to hit up Champs again for some much needed food before we met our friends for the beach.  We were hungry from late night dancing, and a little tired from a few drinks, so we needed something to help us out.

That's when I discovered mac and cheese balls.  These things were my favorite part of the trip.  They came with an amazing, home made ranch sauce that made me want to put it on everything.  The mac and cheese was fantastic, THEN it was fried into these beautiful balls.  Devon and I were shocked at how tasty they were, and we kept talking about them all day.

We also ordered the special of the day, a sweet potato quesadilla, and nachos.  I mostly wanted to indulge in the nachos because that's not a meal I have really eaten since going vegan.

They did not disappoint.  They had little pieces of vegan chicken inside, plus sour cream, cheese and black beans.  It was incredibly indulgent and filling, so we didn't eat all of it.  Very tasty, though.

The sweet potato-dilla was light and flavorful, and it was a good compliment to the nachos.  The people sitting beside us had a massive plate of pancakes.  If I had been hungry enough, I would have ordered some, but they were intimidatingly huge.  I'm sure they were delicious, like everything else here.

Monday morning, we found ourselves back at Champs for another breakfast.  It was our last morning in Brooklyn, and we could not get the mac and cheese balls out of our heads.  We didn't want a huge breakfast, because we had plans to walk down to Williamsburg and eat more food, but we needed a little something.

The mac and cheese balls were delicious again, and the mozzarella sticks were not for the faint of heart.  The breading was amazing, and the sauce was flavorful and yummy.  They were incredibly filling, though, so a little bit would go a long way.

I have tons more food and sights to show you from the trip.  Keep reading all week for more pics from the City!


  1. WOW, everything looks and sounds so awesome!!! Those mac and cheese balls, though....mmmmmm!!!

    1. omg, those were the best. there were so many things on the menu i wanted to try. guess i'll have to go back!

    2. yep, everything is so delicious. I would like to enjoy it right now.

  2. I haven't been to Champs, Jr, but it looks very similar to the original Champs that I visit frequently in Williamsburg. They can do no wrong. <3

  3. I would like to try their food. I ave never eaten there but their offerings look good. I am glad that you found somewhere that was so good you wanted to go back again and again. Good, healthy options for people with all kinds of fresh options.

  4. The food looks so delicious and yummy! you made me hungry again.

  5. oh. I love any fried food and sauces. Can't hesitate.
    So tasty

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  7. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing with us. I wish I had a chance to enjoy it. Hope to see more next time :)))

  8. I would like to try their food.

  9. oh. I love any fried food and sauces.

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