Thursday, July 31, 2014

Amanda's Bachelorette Party: COUFEST 2014

This past weekend, I traveled to Tulsa to celebrate my amazing friend, Amanda, getting married!  Her wedding isn't until October, but we're smart to get our partying done early.  We had an absolute blast.  We stayed at the Hard Rock Casino, and in this post, I'll tell you about the fun times we had at the Center of the Universe Festival (COUFEST) in downtown Tulsa.  I'm dumb and kept hash tagging everything #couchfest on instagram, so if you were following me and thought I was taking naps and were confused by the pictures, sorry.

The Brady Arts District, where the festival was held, is a happening place.  I knew I could get good vegan food there.  We arrived around 6:30, and it was still almost 100 degrees (F) outside!  We didn't let it stop us from having a good time.

While we were walking around, we noticed a vendor selling these floral headbands, so we all got one.  I told Devon that hers looked a little silly, and she changed it out.  We made Amanda, the bride, get the white flowers.  It was so much fun!

Don't you love our buttons?  I was "Twatzilla."  I thought I got off relatively easy compared to some of the other buttons.

After headbands, we went to check out the food trucks.  We all split up, and I made a B-line for falafel!!

I stopped by the Pita Place food truck and snagged a falafel (sub hummus for taziki) and some amazing tabouli.  Devon got a falafel too, but we really should have split one.  It was HUGE and so delicious.

Look at that giant sandwich!  It had raw red onions, hummus, hot sauce and tons of falafel.  After that, we were pretty thirsty, so we downed some $3 waters (yikes!).  To be economical, Devon and I decided to split a bottle of wine while we watched Capitol Cities.

It came in a big bike water bottle, and we got quite a bit of bang for our buck.  Now, I don't usually drink my red wine on ice, but when it's 100 degrees outside, it's completely allowed!

The concert was a blast, and we did lots of dancing!  I was really glad that Amanda picked such a fun activity for us all to enjoy.  Afterwards, we snagged some t-shirts and took a cab back to the casino.

I have more posts to come this week from our amazing trip, so stay tuned!


  1. Ahh, looks like you guys had a blast! I love the flower headbands - so fun! And that falafel pita looks GOOD!!

  2. Hahahaaha, #couchfest. That's awesome.

    1. i'm going to have #couchfest this weekend!

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