Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tour de Rock 2014

Last Saturday, I set out to ride Tour de Rock with my friends Devon, Keith, and Erin.  This is my favorite bike race, and I was looking forward to it for weeks.  I didn't exactly train hard, only riding a handful of times before race day, but we had a blast.  We did the 50 mile course, which is flat, fun and fast!

We set off at 7:30 am, hitting the Big Dam Bridge and riding through Little Rock on the first leg of the course.  They are currently trying to add new bathrooms and parking to the Little Rock side of the bridge, so if you visit regularly, please take this online survey.  If they can prove that they have the need, I think they'll be able to get the bathrooms.  Currently, there are two port-o-potties there.  Not enough!

The weather was beautiful!  We were afraid we would get rained out, but it was sunny and hot, with a cool breeze.  I made sure to spray everyone down with sunblock whenever we stopped.  The course is fun, and we stopped at all the rest stops.  In years past, when Devon and I have ridden, we were incredibly impressed with the support staff.  This year, the stops didn't seem as well equipped.  On the last 18 miles, we decided to stop about 10 miles from the finish at the last rest stop.  We realized, then, that we had hit the best stop.  They had ice buckets filled with wash clothes, and beer!

After riding 40 miles, having a half of beer was pretty magical.  The pita chips and oreos were pretty nice as well.  This stop was awesome, and it gave us the fuel we needed to finish the race strong.

I felt great on my bike.  You don't have to be tiny to be a strong rider.  I also got a lot of compliments on my 1985 Cannondale!  My bike is the SR300.  She's a great bike.  Not so great for hills, but perfect for a flat course like this.

I'm so happy with this race and the staff, and if you're a cyclist in Central Arkansas, you should definitely think about riding it.  We relaxed after the race at the end party, where we had some free beer and rested our tired legs.

After the race, Josh and I hung around in the pool, then I crashed hard.  I spent most of the afternoon napping with Bodhi on the couch.

I can't wait to do this race again!

You may be thinking, beer and cookies aren't "healthy" food.  Tomorrow, I'll be writing about the ups and downs of endurance training, especially in the weight department.  It's something that I deal with around every race, and I wonder if other people have the same issues.


  1. I cannot imagine riding for 50 miles! You are awesome!!! Congrats on the race!

    1. thanks!! It was really so much fun!! I want to go do it again right now! I want to do the 100 at some point in time.

  2. I think you earned those cookies and beer, lady!! 50 miles is a LONG way! I have a heavy cruiser bike, and I ride it to work sometimes (4 miles from my house), and that's enough for me! Ha! Congrats!

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