Monday, June 23, 2014

Lunches Around Little Rock

A few weeks ago, I was really busy, and I didn't have a lot of time to make smoothies for my lunches.  So, I improvised with some lunches from around town.  The above pictures is a Whole Foods salad and olive bar.  I'm a little too obsessed with Whole Foods.  I love being able to run over there, grab some butter bean salad and tofu, and get back to work.

It was so good Monday, that I had to go back on Tuesday.  I was feeling pretty stressed out, so the salad + tahini dressing and carrot cake really hit the spot.  Mmm.. cake.  That is definitely something that should only be a rare treat.

Wednesday, I knew I'd be going to a late school board meeting, so I joined the office at Izzy's for some delicious vegan food.  I started with their amazing black bean salad.  Order it without sour cream, and it's perfect.

I also had some rooibos tea and a seasonal strawberry salad.  It was so delicious.

Thursday, I went to Sky Modern Japanese with my coworkers.  This place is delicious, and if you're in West Little Rock, you should try it immediately.  I ordered the seaweed salad, edemame and an avocado roll.  It was so tasty, and their green tea was delicious.

I rounded out the week with a salad and mock chicken salad from Whole Foods.  If you couldn't tell, I'm really enjoying these yerba mate teas.  They're really delicious.  I want to focus on more lunch smoothies in the future, but it was nice to take a break and get some great lunch around Little Rock.


  1. We haven't tried Sky yet and I really want to!! It's hard to beat seaweed salad and avocado rolls! YUMMM!!

    1. sky is sooo good! you definitely can't go wrong with seaweed and avocado rolls

  2. I wish my office was closer to our Whole Foods. I LOVE the hot bar, but I'm rarely out that way around mealtime. :-( Also, Izzy's!!!!!!! I love their vegan tamales!

    1. yum! izzy's is so fantastic. i need to go over there more.


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