Thursday, June 5, 2014

Cucumber Topped Veggie Burger

Once I made this amazing cucumber salad on Saturday, I needed to make a full meal for it.  So, I thought what better than a summer veggie burger?  The only problem was, we didn't have any buns.  I have never been good at baking, but I busted out the ipad, got on Pinterest, and looked for a recipe.  I found this post, and the recipe looked simple enough.  So, I got to work.

I always have such a hard time getting my dough to rise, that when I pulled back the cloth on our bowl and saw the big, beautiful ball of dough, I was ecstatic.  These rolls were perfect for our cucumber salad topped veggie burgers!

Josh couldn't stop "taste testing" the salad.  The buns came out of the oven perfectly browned, and they smelled amazing.

We had some vegan Boca burgers in the freezer, so we used those.  It would be even better with a home made black bean patty.  This worked in a pinch, though, especially since the whole meal came together on the fly.

The cucumber salad made such a great topping on the veggie burger, and I piled it on as high as I could.  Yum!  This was such an amazing dinner.  Josh had two burgers!

I'm definitely going to be bringing this to the next BBQ we are invited to!


  1. Whoa, those buns & burgers look awesome!! Good job!

    1. thanks! the buns were SUPER easy and delicious. i have been making josh sandwiches on them all week

  2. Just made this and omg, EXCELLENT!! I followed the recipe exactly as is and it was perfect!!


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