Monday, June 9, 2014

Cookbook Creations: Burgers and Fries

I have a couple posts coming up this week about my amazing bike race Saturday, as well as the ups and downs of weight loss while endurance training.  Until then, enjoy some summery burger pictures!

A slam dunk meal in our house was another wonderful creation from Isa Does It.  We made up the black bean/black eye pea burgers with a wonderful peach (nectarine in the book) salsa, and baked curry fries.  I opted to have mine on a lettuce leaf, and they were wonderful.  This burger recipe is super simple, and it held up great.

The fries were perfect, and the burgers were really yummy!  You can definitely still eat a "detox" lifestyle and get to have burgers!

When the weather gets hot, all I want is fresh cilantro and fruit!


  1. Yum! Those burgers are so pretty with all their colors. I should really start eating burgers on leaf buns!!

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