Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Product Review: Tea Forte

This post is not sponsored.  I purchased Tea Forte and am reviewing it because I think it's a good product.  All opinions are my own.

A few weeks ago, I read this post on Produce on Parade about Tea Forte.  I have their large tea pot at home, so I knew the brand was high quality.  I was intrigued and incited, especially for the tea mug, so I hopped on over to amazon and ordered some tea to try.  I haven't gone back to coffee since the Arbonne Detox, and I've only just barely started going back into green tea.  I have decided that it's probably healthier for me than the fizz sticks, so I needed some tea.

I got an herbal pack and a green tea/white tea/herbal tea mix.  For the price, they give you a lot of tea.  They all say single steep, but I have been giving them a second steep.  The flavors are really tasty, and when you open the pouch, you can smell how fresh it is.

My favorite thing is the tea mug.  It's very thick, and the pattern on the edge has a nice feel.  I have been brewing with it all day long at work, and it works great, especially when I don't want to break out my tea pot.  I think this would be fantastic for traveling.

Are you a tea or a coffee drinking, or both?  What is your favorite kind of tea?


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