Wednesday, May 7, 2014

LR Restaurant Review: Izzy's

Izzy's is a local Little Rock restaurant that I've written about several times.  It's an office favorite, so early on in my first days of blogging, lunches from Izzy's were frequent.  After I stopped eating out with my coworkers as much, I stopped getting to go to lunch there.  That's a shame, because this restaurant has delicious, fresh, and healthy meals galore.

On Friday, we had friends in town, and the suggestion of Izzy's was made.  Happily, I agreed.  Before we went to eat, we hit up a live DJ'd happy hour yoga class at Barefoot West.  The class was so much fun, and after, we headed down the street to get some healthy grub.

I ordered a chamomile tea to start, since I didn't want alcohol or caffeine.  It was so fresh and vibrant.  I'm definitely going to need to pick some of this up to take home.  You can buy any of the teas on Izzy's menu at their front counter or online.

My limited food intake and multiple workouts left me incredibly hungry and unable to decide between the strawberry salad, which would have local strawberries, or the vegan tamales.  So, I had both.

All of my dining companions ordered the vegan tamales as well.  The tamales are vegan, but they usually come with cheese dip.  You can easily ask for salsa or guac to go with them;  both are very good.  I ordered a seasonal spinach strawberry salad, subbing avocado for goat cheese, with the house vinaigrette.

My tamale came out hot and delicious, with home made fresh salsa for dipping.  The spinach salad was killer.  The fresh strawberries are incredibly juicy and delicious.

Izzy's has an entirely separate vegan menu that they'll gladly bring you if you ask.  It has all the items from their regular menu, but it's easier to tell what to order.

I recommend hitting this restaurant before the strawberries go out of season.  I brought Josh home a strawberry shortcake, and he said it was fantastic.

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  1. Sheridan took me there once, and I LOVED those tamales! I think, next time I'm in town, I wanna go back. Tamales are the best!! I wish we had a good place to get vegan tamales in Memphis. This past weekend, at the Beale St Music Fest, a vendor was selling vegan tamales that were awesome! But they came from out of town. :-(

    1. Actually, now that I think about it, she may have taken me there twice!

    2. their tamales are top notch! i sometimes forget how good Izzy's in, and how close (down the street) to my office they are. I love that they have super fresh tea, too. We'll have to go have a tamale party the next time you are in town. I

      I've always wanted to try to make them, but I must admit, they're a bit intimidating

    3. They really are sooooo good! I forget about Izzy's a lot because it's kind of out of the way, at least not on my normal path, but I've been there twice in the past couple of weeks now and I remember how much I like them! Of course, I haven't branched out and ordered anything other than the tamales yet, haha. But, that salad looks damn good. And Dana, thanks for blogging about their tea! I'd never really noticed that option before, but I've really enjoyed getting tea there the past couple of times. Yay for tamale party!!

    4. oh the tea is AMAZING! i think they told me they get it from someone in San Francisco that gets it directly from japan. i want to say all the butter they bring with rolls and on their melt sandwich is vegan, but double check. also, if you're hungry, you can order the southwest soup bowl and get the mexican vegetable soup instead of the chicken, with tortilla and avocado (minus cheese and sour cream). yummers. i have had just about every combination of vegan food you can get on their menu, haha. their salads are really good, too.


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