Thursday, May 8, 2014

Fitness Friday: Get Outside!

I love a good home DVD workout as much as the next girl, but my favorite type of workout involves the great outdoors.  I'm very lucky to live in an area with so many natural resources all around me.  This past weekend, I took advantage of the beautiful weather and got in some nice workouts.

Friday, I headed over to the Big Dam Bridge with my friend Amber and her super cute baby.  We didn't walk over the bridge, but we walked from the base through the trails in Burns Park.  It was great company and scenery, and we walked for a good two hours.

Friday night, I went to a happy hour yoga class at Barefoot West, where the doors to the studio were wide open and the fresh air filled the room.  It was beautiful.

From Barefoot Studio's Facebook Page
From Barefoot Studio's Facebook Page

The best activity of the weekend was a climb up Pinnacle Mountain.  We woke up before 7, got dressed and headed to the base of the mountain.  We were at the top and looking out over Central Arkansas before most people were starting their Saturday.  It felt really good to get up early and climb a mountain before 9 am.

The weekend is almost here, and I'm heading into North Arkansas for a yoga festival.  I'm incredibly excited, and I'll tell you all about it next week.  Be active, and have a wonderful weekend!


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