Thursday, May 29, 2014

Fitness Friday: Arkansas River Trail

Little Rock really is a great place to live, especially if you like the outdoors.  The Arkansas River Trail extends from it's inner 15 mile loop in the city all the way out past Pinnacle Mountain.  You can ride over the Big Dam Bridge, the Two Rivers Bridge, the Clinton Presidential Park Bridge, as well as other small ones.

Since I am training for a 50  mile ride during Tour de Rock, last Saturday I set out on my bike to get some fresh air and see the city.  I rode from my house down to Burns Park, then across the North Little Rock side to the Clinton Presidential Park Bridge.

I love my bike.  Vetta is a 1983 Cannondale, one of the first with an aluminum frame.  I got her at a bike shop in Rogers, Arkansas, right after I graduated college.  I paid about $100 bucks for her, and have since put about another $200-300 back, including tune ups.  She doesn't climb very well, because she's built for flat roads and doesn't have the low gears to tackle big hills, but she's fast.  Check out my sexy bike shorts, haha.

I set out at about 10:30 am and rode the 10 miles downtown to the bridge.  It was a hot day, but the air felt great as I sped through the trails.  The North Little Rock side of the trail is way more developed, so I turned around at the Clinton Bridge and came back that way.  The Little Rock side cuts off and stops, and it can get confusing for someone that doesn't know the trail.  Don't let that dismay you from riding it, though.  It's great to hit the Riverfront Park and speed your way down to the Big Dam Bridge.

They're constantly working on the parks, and it's wonderful to see them full of people on a Saturday morning.  I haven't been giving my bike a lot of love lately, but that really needs to change.  I forgot how much I love to ride, so I'll be hitting the trails more all summer.

 Can you spot the classy Bud Light can tucked away in a flower bed?  I'm going to blame it on Riverfest, which was going on that weekend.

I'm very happy that Little Rock has such a vibrant cycling scene.  This recent addition to the Clinton Presidential Park is a really beautiful walking trail.  I'm hoping to get some great pictures there during our wedding.

Do you have places in your town or city where you love to exercise?  


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