Thursday, May 22, 2014

Finding a Home for Sir Reginald Watson

For the past month, our indoor/outdoor cat, Bodhi, has been acting strange.  Usually so quick to bolt outside, she has been very cautious of her cat door.  Josh and I decided that there was probably an animal living under the house.  We didn’t know what it was until last week.

I came home from work one night last week to find Josh and Bodhi working in the back yard.  We were in the yard for about 15 minutes when this cat comes bouncing over towards us, following our cat.  Skittish at first, it only took about 10 minutes of crouching and calling for the cat to come over to us.  It was dark, and as I rubbed on this new cat, I noticed a large, matted area on his neck.  He had a nasty bite on his neck, and it did not look tended to.  He was incredibly friendly and cuddly, but he was not neutered, so we assumed he didn’t have a home.  We put some cat food out on the back porch and went in for the night.

Over the next few days, we put food out and watched for the cat.  Eventually, we started calling him Sir Reginald Watson, or Reggie Watts for short.  Josh and I made the decision to get this cat cleaned up and try to bring him into our home. It wasn't an easy decision. We spent several days trying to figure out if he had a home, but in the end, he was starved, infected and dehydrated.  We made an appointment at our vet and brought him inside the night before.  We made sure to isolate him from Bodhi, because we still didn’t know his health condition.  Josh and I sat with him in our front bathroom before bed, and Reggie went back and forth between our laps, purring and getting head rubs.

I brought him to the vet the next morning to get cleaned up.  The doctor called me at work to inform me that Reggie’s fever, caused by his neck infection, was too high to do vaccinations or a neuter that day.  She said she would do his feline leukemia and FIV (feline hiv) tests, and then we could bring him back in a week for his shots.  Josh and I had already bonded with Reggie, and we were excited to bring him back to health.  Then, the vet called back.  She started with, “I have good news and bad news…” and that’s when I knew there was a kink in our plan.  She said Reggie had passed his feline leukemia test, but he had FIV.  I was broken hearted.  FIV is a condition that can be spread in cats through bites, so our kitty Bodhi would be at risk.  You also have to keep FIV cats inside, which is not how we have raised Bodhi.  She assured me that cats can live long, healthy lives with FIV, but he should not be in a house with another FIV negative cat.

Josh and I went to pick up Reggie that night, and we had another conversation with the doctor.  She was hopeful that he was in great health and would make an amazing companion.  He is incredibly friendly and loving, and he deserves a good home.  We are currently nursing him back to health, and his neck is healing wonderfully.  We keep him isolated from Bodhi, and we spend a lot of time sitting with him and cuddling.  It breaks our heart that we can’t keep him, but we would love to see him find a good home.

He’s such a cool cat, and he has awesome battle scars.  He’s a tough kitty, but he’s also a total softie.  If you know anyone that is looking for an awesome cat, who can keep him inside, and doesn’t have another pet, and you live in Central Arkansas, please msg me!


  1. You both are so awesome for looking after Reggie and helping him find some humans!

    1. I hope so. He's so wonderful. We're going to triple check through the neighborhood tonight and make sure he didn't get lost from his home, but as bad of shape he was in, he needed to get cleaned up asap.

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