Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Westover Wednesday

Food trucks are huge in Little Rock.  You see them all around town.  To my sadness, my favorite one, Green Cuisine, is no more.  So, I have been watching the other ones to see if they have tasty vegan options.  An event has been going on for awhile now, called Westover Wednesday, where the food trucks in town gather once a month.

I had been hearing tell that Southern Salt, a new-ish food truck, was boasting a vegetarian BBQ sandwich.  I emailed them to see if it could be made vegan, and they said it could, so I exclaimed to Josh that we needed to venture to the Heights and try out Westover Wednesday!  He complied.

Food trucks that were there:

Pizzeria Santa Lucia
The Southern Gourmasian
Southern Salt Food Company
Black Hound BBQ
Waffle Wagon
Loblolly Creamery
Kona Ice

Most of these don't have vegan options, but I knew Kbird, Southern Salt and Loblolly might be a go, so we went for it.

I spied a tofu pad thai from Kbird, but I kept moving in search of the Asian BBQ sandwich from Southern Salt.  I waited in line with Josh while he got a sandwich from Southern Gourmasian, then we headed over to snag my sandwich.  The place was packed with families, friends, children and music.  It was a beautiful spring evening, and everyone was out enjoying it.  We waited in line, and I chatted with the cooks about the vegan sandwich.  Josh and I sipped orange soda, then took our food and headed to sit on the curb and enjoy our dinner.

I opened my sandwich and was immediately disappointed.  Maybe I built it up in my head, but I was imagining a veg based protein, piled high and smothered in BBQ sauce.  What I got was a few soggy vegetables and a very soggy bun.  I took a few bites, then dejectedly wadded it up and started to search for something else.

Do not waste your time on this sandwich.  It needs work.

I rushed over to Kbird in hopes of getting some tofu pad thai, but to my disappointment, they were out.  They did have mango and sticky rice though, and after a quick conversation with the chef, I realized that a lot of their food is made vegan.  The pad thai is, and they said they usually have a curry as well.  The mango and rice is made with coconut milk, so I ordered two!  I brought Josh and I dessert.

The mango was perfect.  It was bright and juicy and delicious.  The rice was good, but not the best sticky rice I've ever had.  (That would be from Lemongrass, although I don't like most of the rest of their food.)

So, the trip wasn't a total bust, but I definitely won't be rushing back.  If you can get there early and snag some pad thai, that would be great.  I'll have to hunt down the Kbird truck in Hillcrest soon!


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  2. I have to disagree with you. So far....you are the only one to have a complaint regarding the vegetarian BBQ sandwich. I am sorry you were disappointed. We use all local fresh veg from our wonderful little rock farms and make vegan BBQ sauce from scratch using local honey and spices. Maybe you waited a minute or two too long to dive in. The BBQ sauce with make even the freshest homemade bread soggy if not eaten quickly. I hope you give us a try again.

    Warm regards,
    Lauren McCants
    Southern Salt Food Company

    1. Hi Lauren,

      I would love to try again. I know everyone has an off day or meal. Does the sandwich usually come with tofu or anything like that? I think some slabs of tempeh soaked in BBQ sauce would be just amazing!

      The BBQ sauce was good. If you use local honey, though, I would not advertise it as vegan, because technically it is not.

      Thanks for the comment and I hope to try your food truck again!

  3. I appreciate that. thank you for your comment. I was not aware that honey was off the list given it's place in our human and vegetable ecosystem that is so delicate. I don't know where the vegetables and flowers would come from without bees. I just strive to use fresh vegetables and locally sustained product whenever possible. I cannot take the delicious honey out of my sauce. I never use anything synthetic and I honestly don't know what would replace it. To answer your question, tofu is always an option but I slow marinade it and honey is involved. I will try to find something that is interesting and yummy for the true vegans out there.

    1. those are my thoughts exactly about bees, however, many vegans eliminate honey because commercial honey production is harmful to the species, and they believe it is an animal product. i think as long as you label it, people can make the decision for themselves. i think i would have had a much better overall experience if the sandwich i was given had tofu on it. guess that just means i'll have to try again! can't wait to see what other yummy vegan treats you will have! thanks! :)

    2. ok....call me a dork or a foodie....but....i have been coming up with the perfect vegetarian meal for just you from my truck. see ya on wednesday at westover. please tell me it doesn't have to be gluten free as well...

    3. it can be....but...only if necessary...you are talking to a girl who loves bacon and is bending all of her grandpa's rules to join the vegan/healthy/gluten-free nation!!!! i grew up on fried chicken, piano lessons, butter, farm eggs and fishin'.

    4. hi! that sounds wonderful. i'm not gluten free. unfortunately, though, i have to go to a meeting out of town for work wednesday night, so there will be no westover wednesday for me. i'm sure there will be veg heads that will love it, and i'll try to hunt you down for a meal ASAP! :)

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