Sunday, April 6, 2014

Weekly Recap: Finish Strong

This week started really horribly, as you guys probably know.  My post-test rant was probably my lowest point, but I picked myself up over the course of the week, and I finished strong!  Taking care of myself is the hardest when I get knocked down, but after a couple days of wallowing, I started back on my smoothies and healthy dinners, and I finally made it to yoga by Thursday.  When I stepped on the scale Friday, I was down 2 pounds and 0.4 away from the 20 pound loss mark.  I know, through all the ups and downs, that if I nourish myself with healthy foods, I will get through anything.

A huge highlight for me was being featured on the My Vegan Story section of Keepin it Kind.  You can read the write up here.

Work was kind of nuts this week.  We were really busy, and Wednesday I worked over 14 hours.  Sigh.  Sometimes that's what happens.  Luckily, I had a bag of protein powder and some almond milk at my desk, so I made it through.

Breakfast smoothies were mostly the same as usual, lots of berries, protein, maca and spinach.  Lunch smoothies were more spinach, more protein and tons of veggies.

I feel like having breakfast and lunch jam packed with nutrition, I set myself up for a great day no matter what.

Dinners for the week were good and bad.  Post-test, I got in the kitchen and made up some jackfruit sliders from the Veggie Lovers Sriracha Cookbook.  Man, I have a whole post on these coming, but let's just say, they are not for the faint of stomach.  The rest of the week I needed more simple foods.

I found the green tea noodles at Sam's Oriental, and they went great with a little tamari and some lemon steamed broccoli.  Sometimes, you just need a super simple and nutritious dinner.  I had this after my one and only workout this week, advanced yoga on Thursday.

Friday, Josh and I ran errands in preparation for a baby shower we were throwing Saturday, so we stopped at our favorite dinner spot, US Pizza.  I got my usual, a vegetable medley with more veggie subbed in for the cheese.  I had a couple slices and took the rest home.

To take my mind off my crash and burn on my test Monday, I found myself at Target shopping for said baby shower.  I found some pretty cute stuff for the house as well.  Sometimes, you need a little retail therapy.

So, all in all, it was a good week.  I haven't heard about my test results yet, and I'm trying to put it out of my mind.  I am practicing perspective this week.  I may have to wait another 6 months before I can take another shot at becoming an architect, but life in general is really great, so I have no reason to wallow.

I'm looking forward to healthy eating and killing it with workouts this week.  Stay tuned this week for posts about the great stuff we did this weekend, and our new tradition, Pancake Sunday!


  1. Sheridan loves US Pizza too. I really need to check that place out! Glad to hear you're doing better. I haven't read the rant yet, but I'll go see what's been going on.

    1. haha, i basically stress imploded after an architecture registration exam. sigh. haha.

      us pizza is the best.

  2. Yep, US Pizza is super good! I haven't been there in awhile....I haven't had pizza in awhile...I need to fix that! We also like NYPD pizza when we're in the mood for some Daiya cheese on our 'za! I know Mellow Mushroom has it too, but unfortunately, they have messed up our order more than they've gotten it right, so NYPD gets our vote when it comes to pizzas with vegan cheese! Woohoo! But, I really should get to US Pizza again soon!

    1. wait, hold the phone, NYPD pizza has daiya cheese?! i had no idea! we go to mellow mushroom when i'm in the mood for fake cheese. i had their tofu sandwich a few weeks ago, and holy crap, it was delicious

    2. They do! And I really love the crust there. We usually get the veggie pizza with Daiya and add artichoke hearts. SO GOOD. One time they had Veggie Shreds instead of Daiya and we explained to them that the Veggie Shreds aren't actually vegan and they've had nothing but Daiya ever since!

      I have yet to try the sandwiches at Mellow Mushroom and I really should - that sounds awesome!

    3. that is so awesome. it's right down the street from my office, and i have never thought to go there. i'll definitely have to check it out.


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