Sunday, April 20, 2014

Weekly Recap: Finding Balance

Finding the balance between heavy workouts and eating light has been difficult for me in the past.  Finding balance between eating clean and living life is another issue that I struggle with.  Life will always give you things that you have to balance, because nothing can go smoothly all the time.

I have been writing about these issues week after week.  Sometimes, the week goes great, and sometimes it doesn't, but I always feel that thinking about these issues and working towards a goal is the real benefit.

I got back on track after running a half marathon.
I tried to find balance while introducing restaurant food again.
I reintroduced non-detox foods in an effort to relax.
I was dealt with what I thought was a really big blow but managed to hold my head up.
I kept my head up.
I was happily surprised.

Sometimes, it's nice to go back and look at these posts, especially in times when I feel I have lost balance.  I did reintroduce a lot of foods that I've been excluding for most of the year, and I feel off.  That tells me that it's time to re-calibrate.  It's time to focus on health and happiness.  I still want to be able to have indulgences, namely Sunday Pancake Day, but my diet needs to be clean for the remaining 90% of the week.

All in all, I didn't have a bad week, but I didn't have a good one either.  I have been lifting weights a lot (read eating more), and I'm up a couple pounds.  More than that, I don't feel optimal, so that tells me that I need to clean up my act.  Here's how the week went:


Weight lifting in the AM and hot yoga that night, I started the week off strong.  We didn't have much food in the house, so I had to run to Kroger and pick up a vegan Kashi meal for dinner.  I'm not usually a big fan of frozen food, but this one was really delicious.  I wouldn't make a huge habit of it, but it was really tasty.

I have been skipping afternoon snacks lately, even after adding in double workouts to my fitness schedule.  I guess I might have thought this would lead to faster weight loss, but it's only led to more eating.  I'm going to cut this out, start adding a quinoa salad to my lunch and almonds as a snack.  I have to have energy to burn it!


I had a great morning workout, followed by grocery shopping after work.  We tried out a recipe from the Veganomicon, which I'll write about later this week.


I had a great morning workout, followed by an amazing evening walk with Josh.  I made up a vegan chickpea salad, recipe to follow.  Very yummy!


Lifting weights in the morning makes me SO hungry for the rest of the day.  I headed out with my coworkers at lunch to Larry's Pizza, because they have a pretty good salad bar, and I needed some solid food.  Dinner was a celebratory Taco Night, because my sister's boyfriend passed the bar and I passed the ARE.  More on that dinner this week.


Friday, Josh was off work, so after I got off work around 1:30, we went and ran errands around town.  It was hot and beautiful outside, so we treated ourselves to some Tropical Smoothie.  I also munched on a piece of this AMAZING vega chocolate bar.  I love maca.  Then, we enjoyed tacos again for dinner.


Saturday, I woke up craving baked beans and toast.  I'm not sure where that came from, but luckily I had a can of vegetarian baked beans for just such an emergency.  We munched on tacos for the rest of the day (when we make tacos, we MAKE TACOS), and for dinner I made a ramen bowl that I'll share later this week.


That's an Easter brunch teaser.  More to follow this week!

For early dinner, Josh and I had, what I like to call, a Game of Thrones picnic.  We're actually holding off on watching the new season so we can binge watch it all together (and Josh hasn't read the last book, jeez...), but they're always talking about packing sausage and cheese for their travels.  So, I thought, why not baked tofu and vegan cheese?!  Josh had some non-vegan picnic items, too.  It was a very enjoyable meal.

Lastly, here is my crazy workout schedule for the next month.  I usually pack it with double workouts, knowing I won't be able to complete all of it.

If you're in Little Rock this Friday, there is Glow Yoga at Barefoot Studio.  So. Much. Fun.

Find balance this week!


  1. I love those Vega maca bars. And I love the GOT dinner. I haven't watched any of it yet (I KNOW!), but its coming up soon in my Netflix queue.

    1. The maca bar was AMAZING.

      The GOT books are AMAZING. I recommend reading them before you watch the show, if you've got time, because the show glosses over a ton of stuff. I think they're only on HBO go, as well. The show is so amazing. Definitely worth watching.

  2. I absolutely love your game of thrones picnic! Amd i'm majorly impressed with your restraint waiting for the end of the season. We thought about doing that for about 30 seconds before giving up. But anyway, now I know what's for dinner next Sunday night!

    1. it's so much fun! i REALLY want to watch this season, but so far, i'm standing my ground, haha.


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