Sunday, April 13, 2014

Weekly Recap: Coming Out on Top

As I posted Friday, the end of my week turned out way better than I thought it would.  Now that I have passed my test, I feel like so much weight is lifted from my shoulders.  Now, it's time to focus getting this excess weight off my body.  I ate well this week, rocking smoothies for breakfast and lunch and getting in some tasty dinners.

Smoothies, green tea and fizzy sticks... that's usually what I'm fueling with at work.  In the morning, I usually do a combination as such:

chocolate protein + nut milk + chia seeds + berries + spinach + maca

For lunch, it goes like this:

vanilla protein + veggies + greens + spirulina + coconut water

I throw in a nut butter if I had an AM workout.  Rinse, repeat, eat.

I'm still in love with green tea soba noodles.  They go so amazing with some sauteed greens and a little soy sauce.  So simple and delicious!

Thursday, after I found out I passed my test, I treated myself to the first glass of wine since the Arbonne detox.  This was definitely meant to be a treat, and after one glass I was happy and satisfied.  I'm tightening up my resolve and focusing on health, but I did allow myself to have a little joy and celebration.

Oh falafel and curry ketchup, I just can't quit you.  There will be more salads and less fries in my future, though.  These foods are great once in a while, but I still would like to see my diet more full of produce instead of "treat" foods.

Workouts this Week:

Monday:  Zumba at 10 fitness (such fun!!)
Tuesday:  Body Revolution
Wednesday:  Hip Hop Abs

I didn't make it to a yoga class or get in a run.  Those are my goals for this week, for sure.

I was up a pound this week, which is a little disappointing, especially since I tried to eat really well and felt generally lean and happy all week.  Just shows me that I need to be more resolved to focus on health and happiness.

Posts to look forward to:

Great girls weekend in Mountain Home, AR
A review of Westover Wednesdays
Another amazing recipe from Appetite for Reduction
and a restaurant review!

My workout clothes are laid out for the morning, and my yoga bag is packed for tomorrow night.  Let's all have a kick ass week!


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