Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Vegan Treats from Blue Cake Company

Our friends, Erin and Phillip, are awesome people.  We have been really excited to throw them a baby shower.  Last week, their baby decided she wanted to join the world a little early.  Everything is going well, and E+P still wanted to go ahead with the shower this weekend, so I assembled the snacks and gifts, and we had a great shower.

Erin has been prepping her nursery in a Sugar Skull theme, so I wanted the cake to match.  I got in touch with Blue Cake Company, who I talked to at the Arkansas Bridal Expo awhile back, and they said they would be happy to do a vegan cake and some cupcakes.  Erin said I could try our their vegan cake making skills, since I'm thinking of using them for the wedding, and she loves cakes of all kinds.  It turned out great!

The staff are enthusiastic and very nice, and I had a great time working with them.  They're creative and make some truly beautiful creations.  Mine was not the first vegan cake they'd done, so they were really confident and happy to oblige.  The sugar skull cake was vanilla and very rich and creamy.  The frosting was perfect.  The cupcakes were chocolate, and Josh and I both thought we liked this cake better.  It was fluffy and light.  We will definitely be talking to them about our upcoming wedding cake.

I had tons of good savory snacks too, including my Beyond Meat Chicken Salad.  Yum!  I also had a non-vegan candy bar, because I thought Erin would love it (and she did), and it was super cute.

I was really happy that we could share in celebrating E+P's daughter into the world, and everyone had a great time at the shower.

If you're in Little Rock and you need some fun, spunky bakers, definitely check out Blue Cake Company.

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  1. What great news! My co-workers contacted them a few years ago about a vegan cake for my wedding shower and they were not making them at that time. I'm very happy to know that they now offer vegan cakes! Also, congrats on possibly finding your cake vendor! The shower eats look so cute - looks like a fun party!

    1. Yeah! They're really great. They don't do gluten free, which is fine, but the definitely do vegan. When I came in and asked, at first they said no to vegan, but then they realized they meant gluten free, so maybe you just have to pry a little bit. I'm hoping they work out for the wedding as well!


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