Monday, April 28, 2014

One Vegan Crunk Lunch

When I went vegan in 2008, I scoured the internet for resources.  I was a fresh college graduate, and I spent a lot of time searching for kinship online.  One of the first blogs I really latched on to was Vegan Crunk.  Bianca's blog made it seem like veganism was not only doable, but easy and awesome.  I was immediately drawn to her style and flair, and I found it interesting that she grew up in Northeast Arkansas, like myself.

Lucky for me, Bianca's BFF, Sheridan, lives in Little Rock, and we've all been corresponding on the internet for awhile.  Finally, on Saturday, we all got to meet in person!  It was just as fun and easy going as I thought it would be, and I'm happy to have some new veggie friends to share amazing meals.

In true Little Rock fashion, we meet up at US Pizza in Hillcrest.  Bianca, her partner Paul, as well as Sheridan and her husband, Drew, all joined me for lunch on the patio.  We ordered some beers and had a great time.  Now, no trip to US Pizza can be complete without trying their salsa, which was fresh and spicy as always.

I gave everyone my run down on how to veganize the pizza.  US Pizza always lets me sub a veggie per cheese, for no charge, so we nixed all the cheese on the Vegetable Medley pizza and piled on the veggies.  I asked our server if we could have a couple sides of guacamole, and he brought out the most I'd EVER seen.

After lunch, we wandered around Hillcrest in the sweltering sun to check out the 4th annual Etsy Indie Arts Festival.  We were delighted at all the neat art, jewelry, and crafts to be found.  There were also a multitude of dogs, just hanging out and asking for us to pet them!

This little guy was named Larry, and he was adorable.  I contemplated trying to whisk him away in my purse.

Loblolly Creamery was on hand serving up ice cream, several flavors of which were vegan, but we were all too stuffed.

Being the Etsy lover that I am, I wanted to buy everything in site.  I kept my composure, though, and managed to get through the day with my bank account in tact.  It really was a great showing of artists, and it motivated me to get more focused on building Scribbly Brain.

It was a great afternoon, and I hope Bianca and Paul come back to visit soon.  In the meantime, I'm sure Sheridan, Drew, and I can go on the search for more vegan food in Little Rock.  It is really exciting to have some veggie friends in the city, especially ones that are so cool.

You can check out Bianca's recap of her weekend in Little Rock on Vegan Crunk.  The next time I head over to the east side of the state to see my parents, I'll surely stop over in Memphis for a lunch date with Bianca at Imagine Vegan Cafe.


  1. It makes me really happy to learn about Bianca's affect and influence on others. She's always been a huge inspiration to me and I'm so glad to know she and her blog were there when you needed it! And in turn, Bianca directed me to your blog so that I could connect with a like-minded person and learn about more vegan opportunities in the area. I'm so glad we have all been able to connect in person now and look forward to the next time!

    1. The internet is an amazing resource when you go vegan, because it helps to make you feel like you aren't the only one in the world. I'm glad it helped connect us all!

  2. Yay! I just saw this bc I've been crazy busy at work last week and without internet at home. But it was sooooo awesome meeting you, and how cool that you've been reading since 2008!! I've been reading your blog for quite awhile too!! And you are such fun!!!! Can't wait until you come to Memphis for that lunch date at Imagine. Also, I'm a little sad that you didn't put Larry in your purse. :-)

    1. i have awoken with regret every day that i didn't kidnap that teeny doggy. haha.

      it was such a fun meet up, and we'll definitely do it again. i'm super sad that i won't be making it to VVC15 next year. i know that will be a rockin' good time!

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