Monday, April 14, 2014

Healthy Traveling: Mountain Home, Arkansas

One of my best friends, Amanda, is getting married in October, and this weekend happened to be her birthday.  We celebrated by piling in a big car and driving to Springfield, Missouri, to get our bridesmaid dresses for her wedding.  I found this dress, with the coolest back ever, and immediately ordered it in bright blue.  Now, I haven't lost all the weight I want, but sometimes, you put something on and just feel great!

We had a really lovely weekend, full of laughing and great talks.  We even had some great eats!  I started the weekend off with a Tropical Smoothie picnic lunch with Josh.  We found a cool park in South Little Rock, behind where Josh works, complete with an amazing pavilion.  I think we've found our new lunch spot!

I ordered an Asian chicken salad with beyond meat.  This was definitely a treat, with the fried wontons and sugary salad dressing.  It kept me fueled on my 3 hour drive to Mountain Home, though.  When I got to Amanda's, we got ready for her birthday bash.  She has an amazing group of friends up there, and I've met them on several occasions.  None of them are veg heads, but they all really love my food when I come visit.  One float trip, a few years ago, I spent the whole weekend handing out tempeh wraps with cashew cream to all the campers in the group.  Yum!

Amanda made us gift baskets, and mine had these amazing veggie sticks in them.  They were SO tasty, I kept having to hide the bag from myself.  Omg.  So good.

I brought my Beyond Meat Chicken Salad and some tabouli with a ton of edemame and avocado for the birthday girl.  We stood around the table all night, talking and snacking.  It was great!

There was also a great spread of fruit!  I definitely got my fill for the night.  We headed to bed late and up early, because we had dress shopping appointments all day.  I whipped up a vanilla protein, spinach and blueberry smoothie and a pita pocket filled with tabouli and beyond meat for breakfast.  I wasn't sure what the food options would be like in Springfield, so I knew I needed to fill up.

We hit the first dress shop, and I snagged my bridesmaid dress.  I'm really excited about it.  The wedding is in October, so I'm hoping I will be smaller by then, but I can always take in the dress as needed.  I'm going to feel confident and sexy!

For lunch, the ladies wanted to go to Cheddar's.  We have one in Little Rock, but I'm not a huge fan of chain-ish restaurants.  It had more options than I thought I would find, and I ordered a veggie plate.  The fries probably weren't the best idea, but they only had a couple of options for me to pick from out of the sides.  I had to get the waitress to double check on the black beans.

The edamame wasn't great, but the beans and broccoli were tasty.  I ordered some tortillas and rolled up some broccoli, avocado and black bean tacos.  Yum!

We headed to the next dress shopping place, and Amanda asked if I would try on a bridal dress.  Now, I am not in the market for a big wedding dress, because it's not really my style or my vision for our wedding day.  It seemed fun, though, so I grabbed one off the rack.  I was shocked by how heavy it was!  Amanda helped me in it, and we all had a good laugh at me in a puffy dress.

I am trying to do research on ethical wedding fabrics and sources, which has become a small project in and of itself.  I've even started a pinterest board, if you're interested.  I would really like to find a short, casual vegan dress, if possible.  Something like this, perhaps.  However, that's way more than I want to spend, so I'm looking at a lot of ModCloth dresses too.  It was still fun to play dress up.

We did a lot more shopping, so I had to get some snackage in after a few hours.  We drove back to Mountain Home, and I promptly fell asleep on the couch.  Shopping can really take it out of you!

The next morning, we drove over to Bull Shoals, where the wedding is going to be.  Amanda took us to The 178 Club for brunch, which was surprisingly delicious!  I found fruit, tea, tomato juice and hash browns to munch on.

It was such a great trip!  I headed back shortly after breakfast to my Josh and Bodhi, ready to start another great week!

I am not posting that much right now, because we're still a year out, but I will be writing about our vendor selection and things like that on my Wedding Site, if you're interested.  We're not having a full vegan wedding, because my partner is not vegan and I want it to be a reflection of both of us, but I am doing what I can to have a mostly vegan wedding.  

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  1. I really need to make your Beyond Meat chick'n salad! I've seen it in a couple of your posts now and it always looks so good!

    I love the blue bridesmaid dress! I'm in my friend Meghan's wedding in a couple of months and all of the bridesmaids are in an array of blues and different style dresses. I think it is going to be so pretty!

    I also love the short wedding dress you linked. I surprised myself with my dress selection. I went shopping for something short and simple, but I happened to try on some of the long, poofy ones and ended up going with a dress with a long, full skirt! haha! So funny, because it was not what I thought I wanted, but looking back on the day I love it! I've actually been thinking about getting it cut off to be a short dress that maybe I can wear on an anniversary trip at some point.

  2. beyond chicken salad is amazing! i have a bunch of free coupons they sent me for being an ambassador, so i will bring you a few at lunch next week (soo excited!)

    i'm really excited about Amanda's wedding. we're all wearing long dresses in shades of blue. going to be so pretty!

    i definitely have an ideal dress in my head, but it changes constantly. i just have to get out there and try on a bunch! :)

    taking your dress and making it something new is an awesome idea. i figured, if i get a short, casual dress, i can wear it again on our honeymoon (fingers crossed, hawaii)

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