Friday, April 4, 2014

Get Thee to the Pita Pit!

Last Tuesday, I started Body Revolution.  I got up in the morning, did 30 minutes of weight training and staring at all the hot people on the DVD, then went to work.  My morning smoothie barely put a dent in my new workout hunger, and by lunch I was starving.  I looked at my smoothie and thought, "I have got to get more food."  So, I walked a few yards from my office into the adjacent shopping center to Pita Pit.

On the way, I passed J. Gumbo's, which I have been meaning to try again.  I ate here right when it opened early last year, but I haven't been back.  Love seeing the "vegan" sign, though!

I didn't know what to expect when I got to Pita Pit, but I was happily surprised to see all the veggie items on their menu!  I was also shocked by how many fresh ingredients you could add to your pita, so I added them all.  I ordered a black bean patty, and then watched as the cook shoved as many vegetables as he could in the wrap.

It was super tasty, and I had my smoothie too.

It's good to know that there are healthy, veggie options just a few doors down.  Now, if I can only learn how to weight lift without wanting to eat everything in sight!

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Last week, I started a Fitness Friday section on the blog.  This won't be every week.  Because I crashed and burned pretty badly the past few days, I only worked out yesterday.  Happily, though, through all the chaos, I lost 2 pounds and am 0.4 away from the 20 pound mark! 


  1. I love Pita Pit, mostly because I can put guacamole on my falafel sandwich. :-)

    1. when they said i could have guac AND hummus AND all the veggies i wanted, i went a bit crazy

  2. Oooh, thanks for the review on this place! Drew and I recently learned about it and have been wanting to try it out! I guess they are a chain? I'd never heard of them before!

    1. yes, i think they're a national chain. i was happily surprised with how good it was!

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