Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Pancake Brunch

I know that Easter is over.  I'm not one of those bloggers that has enough foresight to write posts specific to the holidays coming up.  I write about what happened, and what happened Sunday was amazing.

Josh and I are not religious, but I will jump at any chance to have a holiday themed breakfast.  For this installment of our pancake Sundays, we decided on Carrot & Coconut Pancakes from Minimalist Baker.  One bite, and Josh and I both knew we had a favorite.  Oh. my. gosh.

I know I am focusing on a 90% healthy lifestyle, so that 10% is going to be filled with pancakes.  Happily, these babies fueled me for hours while I cleaned out both of our cars all afternoon.  Now, you could put maple syrup on these babies (and we did), but what would go great on these carrot cake gems?

Oh yeah!  Vegan cream cheese frosting.  That TOTALLY happened.  It was amazing.  I found a super simple recipe and got to work.

I loved the texture of these babies.  They had shredded coconut and carrot inside, plus walnuts sprinkled on top.  They were crunchy, buttery and delicious.  Definitely going to make this recipe again.

They were also thin, light and fluffy.  Gone are the days of unsure vegan pancake making, when I could plop out this thick batter and have a brick of a breakfast.  I would stack these against any omni pancakes, ANY DAY!

I built them like a tower.  Pancake + frosting + strawberries + pancake + frosting + strawberries + maple syrup = HAPPY MOUTH DANCE PARTY!

What are you favorite pancakes?  Next week, for pancake Sunday, we are going savory!


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