Sunday, March 16, 2014

Weekly Recap: Eating Out

Last week, I told you guys about how excited I was to be back on track.  This week, I tried to keep that going, even with work commitments, inability to make it to my workouts, and lots of eating out.  I was down a half pound, which is slower than I'd like, but considering how the week went, I'm not surprised.

My breakfasts were all the same... some version of vanilla protein powder, Maca (a new addition to the smoothies), berries and nut milk.

Lunch on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday were just my typical spirulina and greens shake.  Wednesday, Josh took me to Big Orange, because we were out getting camping supplies.  I had a falafel burger and tried out their gluten free bun.  The bun wasn't so great, so I think I'll stick to salads.

Thursday, I had to get more camping supplies, so I added a Whole Foods salad to my lunch.

Dinners this week were all over the place.  Sunday through Tuesday, I made up the same quinoa + hummus + salad mixture.  It was really tasty and light.  The rest of the week, we went out to dinner with friends.  Can't complain, though.

I'll give you a full recap of our dining experiences this week, because they were too great to brush over in a big post.  My friend, Amanda, was in town, and she wanted to show some of her friends great food in Little Rock.  So, we hit up The Pantry Wednesday night and The Main Cheese Thursday night.  I had salads at both.

Friday, Josh and I hit the road at lunch to hike part of the Ouachita Trail.  It was lovely.  We had one of the best camping trips to date.  We even tried to make trail pancakes, although it was a bit of an epic fail.  I'll give you a full recap tomorrow.

One of the best parts of the trip, for me, was how strong and happy I felt.  A lot of our trips in the past have been frustrating for me, because I wasn't in good enough shape to hike comfortably.  This trip was different.  I felt light, happy and ready to hike more.  We got to our car at the end of our trip, and we were both a little sad we didn't have any farther to go.  It was the best!

We celebrated the end of our hike with a huge vegan pizza from US Pizza.  It's tradition for us to celebrate our hikes with beer and pizza, so I decided to have one.  It will mark my second (one after the marathon), and it definitely doesn't mark a return to drinking for me.  I'm still trying to work towards 100 days of fairly clean eating, but like anything, it may not be perfect.  I keep wanting these post huge workout beers to be refreshing and delicious, but I've been disappointed by both.  Oh well, next time, I'll stick with my water.

As far as workouts went, I only made it to hot yoga.  I did backpack about 6 miles this weekend, which is a decent workout, but the trail was fairly easy, so I wasn't wrecked after.  I look forward to killing my workouts this week and eating healthy!  Josh and I planned out some meals together today AND went grocery shopping for them, so stay tuned for that!

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