Sunday, March 9, 2014

Weekly Recap: Back on Track

Now that the marathon is over, I have been cleaning up my act and getting back on track.  Happily, when I jumped on the scale this week, I was down the 2 lbs I had gained leading up to the race.  More than that, though, is I'm back to feeling healthy and vibrant.  My smile is big again, and my smoothies are bigger!

Monday, we got snowed in at our house, and I finished up the pizza from the marathon.  Tuesday, I de-iced my car, went back to work and back into my healthy diet.

Breakfast Smoothie:  1/3 cup pureed pumpkin, 2 scoops vanilla protein powder, 1 cup coconut water, 1 tbs flax seeds, 1/4 cup rolled oats, ice and water to mix

Lunch Smoothie:  2 scoops vanilla protein powder, 1 tbs hemp seeds, 1 tbs spirulina, 2 carrots, 2 cups spinach, 1/2 cup tropical frozen fruit, 1 cup coconut milk, ice and water to mix

Almonds were, of course, my go-to snack all week.

I had to pick up a few things from Kroger, so I grabbed a small salad to go with my smoothie.  Since my portions kept creeping up during training, a smoothie didn't sound like it was going to cut it for lunch.

After barre amped at home, dinner was leftover mac and cheese with collard greens.  In fact, this was my dinner every night this week.

Wednesday saw more smoothies and more mac and cheese.  I did make it to yoga Wednesday night, which was nice, because my legs were still pretty sore.  Thursday, I took them out on the road for a 2 mile run, which felt nice.

I made up a chocolate pumpkin smoothie for lunch Wednesday, and another lunch smoothie of spirulina, greens and fruit.   Thursday, I did a spinach blueberry smoothie for breakfast, and decided to go out with Josh for lunch.

I'll do a full write up on Little Greek tomorrow.  Friday, I was off to see my parents.  I had my smoothies before noon, then hit the road.

While at my parents' house, I had some wonderful food and killer workouts, but I'll save those photos for another day.  We had an amazing time in the kitchen, though.

For my dad's birthday on Saturday, we headed to Mi Pueblo, a local Mexican restaurant that's really great.  My home town is really small, so there really are not a lot of dining options, but this place is good.  I was worried that after 2 months of no Mexican food, I would binge like crazy, but I had a nice, fresh lunch, and just a few chips.

It was yummy, filling, and definitely a treat.  I went the whole weekend without drinking, which is unusual when I get around my parents.  I didn't miss it at all, though, and I may have enjoyed my stay even more.  We had a wonderful time, and I can't wait to share more of the trip with you.

As you can see, I have been changing up the way I post a little bit.  It was getting a little dull to do "this is what I ate" type posts every day, so I'll try doing a weekly post, recapping wins and fails for the week as far as my health goals are concerned, and then I'm going to try to blog about other things, although mostly food related, the rest of the week.  I feel that I've fine tuned a lot of my diet (smoothie, nuts, healthy dinners), and that has allowed me to push my writing into other areas.  I am no longer consumed with whether I'm making the right choices for my meals, because I know what I'm eating is making me feel great and helping me lose weight.  It's the first time in as long as I can remember that this is the case, so that's definitely something to celebrate!


  1. Congrats on the race!!!!! And congrats on getting back on the smoothie/salad wagon (I type that as I'm eating a spoonful of Trader Joe's cookie butter at my desk ... I need to take a few cues from you!)

    1. hm... cookie butter? that sounds pretty amazing. i just finished up some almonds and green tea, but that sounds good too! :)

      Thanks about the race! It was cold but worth it. Hope you are healing well and back to running soon :D

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