Monday, March 3, 2014

Vegan Carnival Dinner from Solfood Catering

from Solfood's Facebook Page
Solfood Catering has been spreading enthusiasm for veganism and amazing food in Little Rock.  I have been excited to try their food for months, but I just haven't been able to attend the Hillcrest Farmer's Market or any of their events.  Lately, Solfood has been serving up vegan lunches on Thursdays in Downtown Little Rock, catering Dinner and a Movie nights at Market Street Cinema, and hosting events at The Green Corner Store.

Fortunately, I finally attended one of these Green Corner Store events, a vegan Carnival dinner.  I was not disappointed.  The food was as great as I had hoped, and I even got a bonus item from Loblolly Creamery while I was there!

Josh and I left work and headed to SoMa and were immediately greeted by happy, friendly faces.  I was basically jumping up and down with excitement, and I promptly ordered everything on the menu!

We ordered our food to go, but I took a little time to look around at what Loblolly was offering up that night.  So happy that I did!

It was a hard choice between these two amazing sounding desserts, but I went with the cocoa cafe.  I got a sample of the cafe au lait ice cream, and it was out of this world.

Our food looked so amazing.  I was truly overwhelmed with excitement for the vegan food scene in Little Rock.  It has been slow going, but it's really starting to take off.

We promptly headed home, where I photographed everything and then dug in.  Because I had built so much excitement around trying Solfood Catering, I really wanted the food to be great.  It was even better!

The Po'boy was stellar.  The crispy vegan shrimp were perfectly seasoned, the mustard spread was tasty, and the bun (which I think was gluten free) was light and fluffy.  This po'boy didn't last very long.  Josh and I stood in the kitchen taking bites of it.

The Jambalaya was a great side to go with the po'boy.  The rice was perfectly cooked, with tons of flavor and spices.  The green onion toppings were a nice, fresh addition.

The Hoppin John Bowl was my favorite!  The black eye peas were cooked down, making a warm and filling sauce with plenty of homey flavoring.  It was thick and delicious.  I definitely need the recipe!

The gumbo was the last dish we tried, and I had a lot of fun dipping my po'boy into it.  It was spicy and full of well cooked okra and tomatoes.  It would have been great paired with more rice.

All of the dishes were incredibly fresh and well made, and I will definitely be itching to try more food from Solfood Catering.  They are hosting a St. Patrick's Day Dinner and a Movie, so be sure to check that out!

from Solfood's Facebok Page
Oh, and you ask, what happened to that vegan sundae?!  Well, I am happy to report that it was fantastic.  I sat on the couch, passing the bowl back and forth with Josh, wondering how long it had been since I had a sundae.  I think it was before I went vegan.  The cake was a perfect base for the ice cream, and the chocolate topping was rich and delicious.  If you haven't had Loblolly, I recommend you fix that problem immediately.

I have lots of write ups to share this week, so I'll probably save a food recap breakdown for later in the week.  Tomorrow, I'll be sharing my vegan pasta party and post about the Little Rock Marathon.  I will also be doing a write up on my post-marathon health plan and some great results from a recent physical.  Finally, I snagged a Vegan Beauty Starter Kit from Vegan Cuts, and I'll be sharing what came in the box.  I hope everyone has a good week!

Bonus side:

I got featured on I Love Little Rock AR today!  You can check out my interview here.


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