Monday, March 17, 2014

Ouachita Trail: Nancy Mountain Backpacking Trip

Josh took Friday off last week so we could hit the road at noon and spend the night in the woods.  Lake Sylvia is only about an hour's drive from Little Rock, and it's where we started our beautiful backpacking weekend.  We set off towards the Nancy Mountain Shelter on the Ouachita Trail.  Because of the ice this winter, there were a lot of trees down, but we hike around or over them as best we could.

We tried not to over pack food this time, and we still ended up bringing more than we needed.  It turned out ok, though, because we failed at making trail pancakes.  It was something Josh and I really wanted to try, but our gear didn't cooperate.


Dinner at Camp
1 pouch pasta meal
1 apple
1/2 pouch apple crisp

Breakfast at Camp
trail pancakes

lara bars

Lunch on the Hike
1 tin vegan to go meal

We ended up eating our lunch for breakfast, because we knew the hike out would be short and our pancakes didn't pan (hehe) out.  More on that in a sec.  We still had an awesome time.  We made it to the shelter, went and got water to filter, and came back and set up our hammocks.  As we finished up, another group came up and we shared the shelter with them.  It was an awesome time.

These Trail Foods pouches were amazing.  We found them at Ozark Outfitters, and I believe they were all vegetarian.  I have a hard time finding vegan food pouches, but these were delicious AND the perfect portion.  We'll definitely be buying these every time.  I highly recommend them.  The apple crisp pouches are really hard to find, but we found it and it was delicious!  Josh and I couldn't finish the whole thing, though, because we were full from our dinner.  We shared our meal with our shelter mates, and everyone headed off to bed.

We have been sleeping in hammocks, and I love it.  I think it's more comfortable than our tent, but you definitely have to be prepared to fight off the cold.  I was pretty cozy, though, and I woke up to Josh getting up and making coffee.  I had a cup of green tea and tried to make our trail pancakes with him, but our gear wasn't cooperating.  The mix seemed to work great, but our pan was too small, the stove was too hot, and our spatula was too big.  Eventually, we gave up and had our lunch.

I saw this St. Dalfour ready to eat pouch at Whole Foods, and I thought it would be perfect for the trip!  Josh always brings tuna, so it was nice finding something that would work for lunch for me.  You have to pack out the tin, but you can make it work.  It was delicious on a tortilla and very filling.

Overall, it was a really wonderful camping trip, and we'll report back next time with better pancakes!


  1. I love Lake Syliva! I went for the first time a couple months ago, that is definitely going to be my go-to spot this summer!

    1. i hope they finally re-open it. it's been closed since the government shut down and was still closed this weekend. we'll definitely be hitting up wooley hollow this summer for some camping/swimming :D

  2. How fun! I haven't gone hiking since college when Sheridan and I took a hiking & backpacking class and hiked around the Buffalo River in Arkansas. I love those St. Dalfour tins! I usually bring a couple to Bonnaroo for snackin'.

    1. i had never seen them before, but they are PERFECT! i'm sure we'll be taking them on road trips and such. they would be perfect for bonnaroo. i think when I went (the Tool year, woot woot), I just lived off beer, haha.

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