Thursday, March 13, 2014

My Ever Changing Workout Plan

Josh and I are gearing up for a little backpacking trip, and it got me thinking about all the different ways we like to exercise.  When you start doing things that you love, like hiking, it no longer feels like something you have to check off your "to do" list that day.  Fitness should be enjoyable, because that's the only way it's sustainable.  I am pleased to say that I have found a few things to alternate around that give me a good workout and a happy mind.

Of course, as all of you probably know, my favorite physical activity is yoga.  It has really saved me from some dark places, and it has given me my confidence back.  A bonus, that I didn't expect, is that my studio would be a place of friendship, community and inspiration.  Without yoga, I am lost.  Honestly, I never feel like I'm going to "work out" when I head to a yoga class.  I get as excited about yoga as I do about going to a movie, out to a nice meal, or any other activity that lets me re-charge myself.  I am continually pushing myself to try more difficult classes though, and I am starting to see how my practice is starting to define my body.

Running is the other half to my workout puzzle, and I know that it is not appealing to everyone.  Running helps me quiet my mind.  It is more meditative to me than yoga sometimes, and when I'm out alone on the pavement, I always seem to work out things that are bothering me.  I get a lot of joy from moving my body in this way, and although I am by no means a great runner, I am pleased by every small improvement.

Strength training has been something I don't do as often as I should, and I feel like I'm still searching for that one exercise that will allow me to build muscle while not feeling like I'm "working out."  I have had a lot of fun with BarreAmped, and I am gearing up to start Body Revolution again.  I think those will help me build the muscle that I need to ultimately have stronger runs and a stronger yoga practice.

Cycling was my main mode of exercise right out of college, but since moving to Little Rock, I do not train as much as I should.  Several injuries in the past few years have kept me off my bike, but I'm looking forward to getting back into riding and competing in some races this year.


I like to alternate my weeks so I can get a variety of yoga classes in, and I usually save the weekends for a long run or a good hike.  My goal is to start regularly going to one yoga class on the weekends as well.

Week A

MONDAY:            Hot Yoga (1 hr)
TUESDAY:            30 min Run, 30 min Strength
WEDNESDAY:     Hot Yoga (90 min)
THURSDAY:         30 min Run, 30 min Strength
FRIDAY:               Yoga or ride
SATURDAY:         Rest
SUNDAY:             Hike, Ride, Run, Climb Pinnacle, Yoga, etc

Week B

MONDAY:            30 min Run, 30 min Strength
TUESDAY:            Advanced Yoga (90 min)
WEDNESDAY:     30 min Run, 30 min Strength
THURSDAY:         Advanced Yoga (90 min)
FRIDAY:               Yoga or ride
SATURDAY:         Rest
SUNDAY:             Hike, Ride, Run, Climb Pinnacle, Yoga, etc


There are a few races that I will be training for this year.  Most of these I do with my girlfriend, Devon, but this year Josh and a few other friends are gearing up to race with me.  They're addictive.  Once I started signing up for races, I couldn't stop.

Tour de Rock (50 - 62 mile bike race)
Shark Sprint (my first triathalon!)
White River Half Marathon

I'm sure there will be more races, but those are the ones I have on the horizon.  All of this variety, I think, is good, because it keeps me engaged in my workouts.  I don't get bored often (unless I'm training for a half marathon), so that keeps me excited about my workouts.

How do you stay fit?  What are some fitness things you do for fun?


  1. I'm finally able to run again!! I've been slowly working on walk/runs for the past two weeks and though I'm still having slight foot pain, I think it's more scar tissue than anything (I hope anyway). But it feels sooooooo great to run again. That is, by far, my favorite thing to do. I just zone out, and it makes me feel so happy.

    While I was injured for the past 7 months, I started doing more yoga. I LOVED hot yoga (I had a free trial membership to Bikram Yoga here), but I can't afford it. :-( But I make sure I get to at least one yoga class at my regular gym each week.

    Strength training is tough for me too. I just get bored.

    1. yeah! i get really bored during strength training, but i know i need it. barre is fun, but i like going to the classes more than the DVD, and with a 10 fitness gym membership AND monthly yoga classes, that's about all i can spend.

      hot yoga is the best. i leave everything on the mat!

      i'm so glad that you're able to run again. right when the weather is getting nice, too! have you run our trail system in LR? the bridges are sooo beautiful.

  2. Your ever changing workout plan seems to me sound like very wonderful and there have not any doubts about the vitality of in such workout plan for the benefits of our health. I highly appreciate your providing up in such nice workout plan. Keep up the good work :)

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