Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Mama V's Massaman Curry

As I've said on here many times, my parents are accepting of my veganism and happy to experiment with cooking.  Growing up, they always were pushing their culinary limits and coming up with new things for us to try.  That love of food carries through me today, and I definitely have them to thank for it.

I went home this weekend to celebrate my Dad's birthday and spend some much needed time with my folks.  When I arrived Friday afternoon, my mom had a huge pot of minestrone waiting for me.  She also baked this amazing artisanal vegan loaf to go with it.

My goal for the weekend was to not forgo gluten completely, but to not go overboard.  My parents, Dad especially, are great at baking amazing things, and I usually eat way too much when I go home.  I just had a little, this weekend, and it was great.  I also didn't drink, which helped my willpower and portion control.  Food is such a huge part of our relationship, that often I over do it.  This weekend, however, was perfect.

This bread was amazing.  My mom doesn't usually do the baking, so she was really excited about her beautiful loaf.  I bit into it and was amazing by how light it was.  The bread looked so dense, but it was beautiful.  It went great with her kale filled minestrone.

We got up the next morning and I made my mom and I some Arbonne chocolate blueberry spinach smoothies.  It powered us through our workout, where she kicked my butt in Hip Hop Abs.  My mom beat breast cancer, quit smoking, and can work out like a 25 year old.  She is my role model and a bad ass.

We went out to eat for lunch, and when we got back, we started making what was to become an incredibly fresh and tasty dinner that we all loved.

We made up this salad  (we added pineapple) from Vegetarian Times, a magazine I send my mother so she will make me things.  Honestly, though, she has had the Vegetarian Times cookbook since I was a kid and often makes meat free meals.  We loosely followed this recipe for tofu curry, but we added tons of our own veggies.  My mom and I both take our ideas for meals from recipes and just run with them.  I find it difficult to follow things exactly.  What we made, though, was amazing.

Isn't my mom the cutest?

My mom still makes the best tofu out of anyone's I've had.  She pan fried it in peanut oil, which made it super crispy.  The curry cooked down into a bright and vibrant mix of veggies.  We put it over brown rice and had TONS of toppings to go on it.

Yum and yum.  The next morning, before I left, I whipped up some vegan pumpkin pancakes for my parents using this Minimalist Baker recipe.  I completely forgot to put brown sugar in it, but it wasn't even needed.  We covered it with fruit and it was great.

We added blueberries to our pancakes, because why not?

Beautiful, right?  After that, I had to say goodbye and head home.  It was a wonderful weekend, full of fresh and vibrant food and lots of laughs.  I wish my parents lived closer, but I'm happy that they're only a few hours away.


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