Monday, March 10, 2014

LR Restaurant Review: Little Greek

Last week, Josh and I decided to have a lunch date at Little Greek in West Little Rock.  I have eaten here once before, with my co-workers, but I wanted him to give it a try.

We are a tough crowd to please when it comes to Greek food.  Our city standard, Laylas', is a hard act to beat.  Little Greek is a chain, and you can tell, but that doesn't mean the food isn't good.  I wanted Josh to try it, because the ingredients are fresh and tasty.

We met up around lunch time, and the restaurant was crowded but not so much that we couldn't get a table.  As a person in the Architecture industry, I had some beef with the choice of materials in the restaurant, all fairly hard, making the acoustics terrible.  If you want a quiet lunch with your sweetie, this is not the place.  If you want a busy lunch in a loud restaurant, then head on over.

We ordered their hummus, and although it was tasty, it wasn't a very good representation of an authentic Greek hummus.  It had a flavor, something almost sweet, that Josh and I both couldn't place.  It was also kind of gritty, definitely not smooth like we are used to.  I liked it, though.  We ordered grilled pita, although you can order fried.  I enjoyed them, because they were soft, but Josh thought they were limp and had a hard time scooping hummus.

I ordered their Greek salad, no feta or potato salad, and a quick glance at the menu reminded me that their house salad dressing is not vegan.  So, I grabbed a few lemons from the drink bar and used that for a dressing.  If you want something light and fresh, this is the salad for you.  If you want something more substantial, you could add their falafel or have a veggie pita.  I did not go for the falafel this time, although I enjoyed it last time.

The highlight of the salad for me was the pickled beets, although I really enjoyed all the veggies, olives and peppers.  Josh had a gyro pita, and he said it was really good.  He especially liked the shoe string fries that came with it.

If you are looking for an authentic Greek restaurant, I'm not sure this is your place.  The ingredients are fresh, but it definitely has a chain restaurant feel to the whole place.  The atmosphere leaves something to be desired.  However, if you need something good for lunch, and you're in West Little Rock, there are far worse places to find yourself.

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