Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Finding Vegan Options in Unexpected Places

As you guys know, I live in Little Rock, Arkansas.  It's not exactly a mecca for vegan restaurants.  If you're diligent, though, you can find amazing places that you wouldn't expect.  The Pantry was recently voted one of Little Rock's best restaurants in a local poll, and there are many reasons why.  The ingredients are fresh, and the meals are delicious.  Now, it may not seem like a Czech restaurant full of freshly ground meats and home made dumplings would have a ton of vegan options, but they do.  I have yet to try their stock pot, which I know they can make vegan, because their salads are amazing.

I recently had dinner with my friend Amanda and her friends from Mountain Home.  They asked me to show them a Little Rock dining experience, so I knew The Pantry would be a hit.  I ordered a cup of herbal tea and sketched about our wedding while I waited for the ladies to arrive.  We had such a good time, we didn't leave the restaurant until almost 10 pm.  Our waitress was amazing, and she alerted me to a salad I wouldn't have thought to try.

She said that the Grilled Salmon and Farro salad was hearty and filling without the salmon, so I had her sub avocado for the fish and ordered the salad.  It was fantastic.  There were so many beets, and the farro made it a great and filling order.  Before the salad came, though, we shared some of the mushroom appetizer.  I have never had such delicious mushrooms, and the little pot is the cutest.

All of the ladies were really impressed.  To my delight, one of them was not a huge veg fan, so she gave me her side of asparagus.  Yum.  I also ordered a side of sauerkraut, because it's amazing.

This salad is a must try.  I wouldn't have thought to order it, so I'm glad it was recommended.  Everything I've had here has been fantastic.  The salad was lightly dressed and really flavorful.  The avocado wasn't really needed, but it was a nice treat on top.  I can't recommend The Pantry enough.

So, if like me, you're a vegan in living in the middle of the country, don't rule out some of your local restaurants just because you don't think they will be vegan friendly.  We have a lot of great chefs in this city, and more times than not, they have been very excited to try and give this vegan a great meal.

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