Thursday, March 20, 2014

Cookbook Creations: BBQ Mango Beans and Skillet Cornbread

This week, on Cookbook Creations, we're cooking from Appetite for Reduction!  Josh and I have decided to try and use our cookbooks more and make up dinners less.  It's a good exercise for me, because I have a tendency to throw things together without measuring or really understanding their flavor profile.  Plus, there are so many great cookbooks coming out, that I want to get in the habit of making things from recipes.

So, Sunday morning, I flipped through Appetite for Reduction and marked several recipes that I thought Josh and I would both dig.  We settled on one to make this week, because between leftovers and a date night, we knew we didn't need to make too much food.  We picked the BBQ Mango Beans and the Fresh Corn and Scallion Cornbread.  As I'm trying to not eat too much flour and things, I really made the cornbread for Josh, but it was too good not to try.

So, Monday we got home from work, went on a run together, and got to cooking.  Both recipes were really simple to prepare, and they turned out delicious.  The first bite I took of the beans reminded me of why I love cooking from cookbooks.  Unlike blogs, which I truly love and find a lot of inspiration from, cookbooks are tested and developed, and the recipes are usually very good... especially if you are holding one of Isa's cookbooks.

Both recipes were super easy to follow, and they both came out great!  I made an apple and walnut spinach salad to go with dinner, because Josh and I love spinach salad with everything.  I use a little olive oil, and he goes for an Annie's Organic dressing.

Josh was a huge fan of both dishes too, which is a win win for me.  Since I started trying to eat healthier dinners, he kind of fell into a frozen pizza rut.  Luckily, though, he's tired of that and wants to eat healthy vegan dinners with me.  He's also training me on how to run faster, which is going really great.  We ran 2 miles last night at 13 minutes/mile.  That might not seem fast to you, but it's very fast to me.  Our first mile was 12 minutes/mile.  He is being very patient with me, and it feels good to work out together.

After this amazing first meal, we're very resolved to keep using our cookbooks more.  Stay tuned for a vegan meatloaf we're making this weekend from Fresh From the Vegan Slow Cooker.  I will tell you, for sure, that after this dinner I cannot wait to get my hands on Isa Does It.

Have you made any meals from Appetite for Reduction?
What are your favorite cookbooks?


  1. Yum! Both of those sound great! I haven't cooked from Appetite for Reduction in awhile, but I love everything I've made from it. I got Isa Does it from Bianca for Christmas and man oh man, it is AWESOME. I've made several things from it and have been absolutely wowed! I'm actually the compete opposite from you; I always cook from recipes and have a hard time just throwing things together! I don't always trust myself in the kitchen and prefer to rely on the tested recipes of others - haha! But, I've been trying to experiment more.

    1. I can't wait to get my hands on isa does it! I am really liking appetite for reduction. We have a vegan meatloaf cooking from vegan slow cooker right now, and it smells amazing!

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