Monday, January 6, 2014

Prepping for the Detox

Well, it's the night before my Arbonne cleanse, and all through the house...  hehe.  Today, I got everything ready to start on Monday morning.  I spent the day having a few things I won't be able to have for the next month, namely fried food and bread!

I made potato and carrot latkes, similar to the ones I made on New Years, with bread maker bread.  I really have not mastered the bread maker yet, so I don't really have a recipe for you.

I got all my shakes, tea, and fizzy sticks ready for tomorrow.  I'm really very excited to get my diet cleaned up.  Now, for breakfast and lunch, it will be mostly protein shakes, but I'll try to be creative with dinner.  I also plan on blogging how I'm feeling day to day on the cleanse.  I will be trying out a lot of the recipes on my Arbonne Pinterest Board as well.  In addition to that, I have a couple recipes from before the cleanse written up, so I'll be posting those too.  I also have a give away coming up, so stay tuned!

For dinner, I reheated some stuffed shells that I made Friday.  I will be posting that recipe this week.  Let me just say, they're yummy!

On a happy note, I saw my doctor on Friday, and I don't have to go back anymore.  So, my health is regained and I'm ready to start 2014 with nothing holding me back.


  1. I know it's usually on backorder, but try the Arbonne Chocolate protein when you can. It is really good!!

    1. mine is on back order right now! haha. i had the vanilla this morning, and it was great! can't wait to try the chocolate.

  2. Happy cleansing! I started on my Crazy Sexy Diet this morning! I've actually tried sample packs of those Arbonne smoothies and they're quite tasty. :-)

    1. so tasty! good luck on your crazy sexy diet. i loooove that one, and it's very similar to the arbonne "rules"

      healthy 2014!


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