Sunday, January 12, 2014

Arbonne Detox Day 6 & 7, Week Recap

This weekend was great.  I had nothing planned, but it unfolded in a very productive manner.  I woke up Saturday morning feeling excellent, so much in fact, that I hopped on the scale.  We're not supposed to weigh more than once a week on the Arbonne plan, but I wanted a peek.  I was 6.6 lbs down since Monday. Now, I know that most of that is water weight, but when you work your butt off to move the scale even a little, that is HUGE.  I was elated, and my resolve to keep eating like this was strengthened.

I got up and made a fizzy drink and a smoothie.  The smoothie was protein powder, hemp milk, a clementine, chia seeds and strawberries.  Yum!

Josh and I spent a good chunk of the day designing a work bench for our "shop" room, as we call it.  It's where I keep all my art supplies and he keeps his tools.  We are looking forward to spending more time in this room in the future.  Before we headed off to the hardware store for supplies, I had a quick snack.

We gathered supplies and ran some more errands, which took longer than I thought.  It was fun, though.  We haven't had time to work on a lot of home projects, so I get very excited when we do.

When we got home, I was starving, so I tore into a salad and re-heated a stuffed pepper from the other night.  I made some kale chips to go along with it.  The chips were roasted at 375 degrees (F) for about 20 minutes.  They're covered with a teeny bit of olive oil, a bunch of nutritional yeast and some lemon juice.

Sunday morning, we woke up and I set off to make a smoothie that would fuel me through my long run.  I ran out of hemp milk, so I just used water, but it turned out really delicious.  Of course, first I had a fizzy drink.  The smoothie is protein powder, blueberries, a spoonful of almond butter, water and ice.  It was great.

After this settled, I went on a 4 mile run in my neighborhood.  It was absolutely beautiful outside.  After such icy weather the past few weeks, running in a tshirt and shorts in the sun was a real treat.  After my run, I sat on our back porch to stretch and play with Bodhi.  I made my way back inside to whip up a recovery shake.  This time, it was protein powder, 1/2 an avocado, 1 cucumber, spinach and basil.  Damn, that one was tasty too.  The Vitamix is definitely getting a workout lately.

I love how colorful the smoothies are.  Makes me very happy.  After I finished this, we got to work on the workbench.  We mostly just cut down 2x4's today, but that took a good chunk of the day.  I'm really excited to see it all finished.

I wanted something quick and easy for dinner, because the run and cutting lumber gave me quite an appetite.  I was inspired by this recipe, but in the end, I just threw a bunch of stuff together in a pan.

I baked the sweet potatoes in the oven at 400 degrees (F) for 1 hour, then I let them rest while I made the topping.  I melted down 1 tbs coconut oil in a pan then threw in a chopped onion.  Then went 1 can northern beans, 2/3 package of baby portabello mushrooms and a bunch of kale.  This is so simple, I didn't really think it deserved a recipe write up.  I hit it with some pepper and cumin, but you could add whatever spices you wanted.  Once the beans have cooked a bit and the kale is wilted, simple pour it over your split sweet potato.  Dinner... done!

Damn, doesn't that look sexy?  It was a great recovery dinner after my long run.  I am satisfied and full.  I don't know why, but starting this "detox diet" has reopened my love for simple, whole foods.  I don't know why I was making things so complicated before.

My thoughts on one week of the Arbonne Detox:

I LOVE IT!  I feel strong and happy, and I know I'm moving in the right direction.  I really don't plan on stopping after the 30 days.  This is the way I should have been eating all along.  I'm filling my diet with so much fruit and veg, and there's no room for sugar and fried food.  It's amazing.  I'm really excited to see how the week will go, and I'm feeling very positive about the future.

If you want another good resource, you can check out Hungry for Change.  It's a great documentary about our food system, and it's free on Netflix.  I saw this last year, but I re-watched it this weekend.  It's that good.  If you're looking for some motivation and reasons why your body wants you to eat clean, this will help.

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  2. Dana congrats on your success so far! Definitely motivating me to stay on track!


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