Thursday, January 23, 2014

Arbonne Detox Day 18, Resisting Temptation

Today was great!  I was full of energy, and my smoothies were good.  For breakfast and lunch, I had the same mix I've been making all week.  I think chocolate blueberry is the best combination for sure.

We had a lunch and learn today, which was the resisting temptation that I titled the post after.  Now, usually lunch and learns are completely disappointing.  A well mannered sales rep brings in a sandwich for me, specifying no cheese, only for me to open up a feta orgy on my veggie meal.  So, I usually bring a backup.  However, I've been known to go for the potato chips or rice if it's present.  This time, I told the rep that I would be bringing my lunch, which was my smoothie.  In the past, I've put too much stock in not offending people and eating what I don't want to, but no more of that nonsense.  I made up my smoothie and went to my lunch and learn, and no one even so much as looked at me funny.  It was great.  Because my smoothies are so delicious and protein packed, I wasn't temped by any of the junky food.  Nutrition rocks!

My clementine was another bust.  BAH!  Clementines, why do you look so delicious and yet give me no taste?!  I'm not buying them again.

After work, I headed home to change and then went right back out to the gym.  I am not a fan of treadmill running, really, but it's freezing outside.  I found that I enjoyed my 3 miles, and it gave me a chance to work on speed.

Cool down!  After the gym, I headed over to Kroger, which might not have been the best idea hungry.  I snagged up SO many vegetables.  I hauled my groceries home and whipped up a quick dinner of lentils, quinoa and steamed broccol with lemon.  Yum!

Now I'm relaxing with some detox tea.  It was a good and busy day, and I'm glad I had so much energy to bounce to the gym THEN the grocery store and not collapse on the couch when I got home.  Sometimes, work just wears you out, but today was great.  I got tons of veggies to make some great dishes this weekend, so stay tuned.  There is chili in my future, because it's really cold outside!


  1. Way to go! You've been doing amazing and its inspired me to give my own version of a detox (same basic idea i just cant afford all the Arbonne products). Also i have the exact same owl mug as you with all the little owls around the top and was excited when i saw it! lol

    1. thanks so much! you definitely don't need the arbonne stuff to follow this plan. i would look for an inexpensive pea protein, because that added boost REALLY helps me not want to eat my weight in tortilla chips or drink. i think you could replace the fizzy sticks with green tea and a b12 vitamin and be good! let me know how it goes :)

      i looooove my owl mug. a very great friend gave it to me and it makes me happy when i drink out of it.

  2. Yay! You're doing a great job with this detox! How long are you going for? 21 days? 28? I can't remember. Anyway, hang in there....I'm counting down my days for a beer (Sunday is the day!). But I do plan to retain some healthier eating habits so I don't immediately gain back the weight I've lost.

    1. 28 days, but i'm going to keep going! thanks so much! for some reason, this combination of things just CLICKS and i feel amazing. i hope your beer is delicious! :) all your crazy sexy dishes looked so yummy.

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