Monday, December 9, 2013

Traveling Vegan: Nola Trip Day 1

I am not great about posting on the road, but I would like to try.  I will save the pretty Nikon pics for when I get home, but I want to stay healthy while traveling, and I want to keep you updated.

I packed a ton of healthy food for my road trip, and today went pretty well.  Unfortunately, there is a big ice storm hitting Arkansas right now, and one of my girlfriends got stuck at home.  We were going to ride together and eat yummy tempeh wraps, so I am sad she is not with me.  Sometimes, it is even harder for me to control portions when alone, but it went ok.

I started the day off with green juice, had lunch with Josh at Layla's, and hit the road around 2.  I am staying in a hotel with a mini kitchen, which is awesome!  After a short and frustrating half hour in the gym (pain + out of the workout habit), I went back to the room and made a tempeh wrap with cashew cream.  I also snacked on green bell pepper and carrots.  So yummy!

Tomorrow, I hit New Orleans.  Ready for some yummy vegan food, seeing my girlfriends and relaxing.

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