Thursday, December 12, 2013

Restaurant Review: Slim Goodies Diner

As my New Orleans trip approached, I started looking at places to eat around our house on Magazine Street.  That's when I stumbled on Slim Goodies Diner.  The website boasted things like Tofu Scramble!  I got really excited.

This was the first restaurant we hit, and unfortunately, it set a tone for me for the whole trip.  We sat down, really hungry, and started looking over the menu.  Unfortunately, they didn't have as many veg friendly options as I thought.  So, I decided to order some side items.

I spent a long time puzzling with the waitress on why there was a Philly Steak Sandwich on the veggie menu.  I got excited and thought it was seitan, but no, it's beef.  So, I started to get apprehensive about the meal, and I was right to.

Uninspired by the menu options, I picked some grits (no butter, made with water) and the tofu scramble.  My girlfriend, Devon, ordered the veggie chili as a side to her meal.  I was thankful that she did, because what I ordered was inedible.

Not only was the tofu scramble horrible, I had to wait over an hour to get it.  It had a terrible, off taste that I couldn't get over.  Obviously, these people do not know how to cook tofu.  The grits were incredibly bland, which I guess I should have assumed the way I ordered them.  I guess I was hoping that they would be seasoned or something.

It wasn't all bad, though.  The veggie chili was amazing.  I was so thankful that Devon ordered it, and I ended up eating all of hers.  It was thick and well spiced and delicious.

So, it was definitely hit or miss.  If you're going, don't bother with the tofu scramble.  Get the veggie chili, and be sure that you have some time to spare, because this place is slow.

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  1. Aw, that sucks! I've always loved Slim Goodie's when I visit New Orleans, but it's been a few years since I've been there. They used to have a great brunch dish of tofu scramble topped with chili (and I think there was even tempeh bacon on top, but my memory might be fuzzy). Back then, the scramble was awesome! But I'm sure they've had a change of kitchen staff since those days. I've heard mixed reviews from other people before though. Sad, cause the place is so cute! I look forward to seeing your other NOLA posts!! It's one of my favorite places! And there's lots of vegan's just hidden. :-)

    1. I love New Orleans too! I found some great vegan donuts, and there was a vegan bake sale going on way down magazine, but I wasn't able to get over to it. :( I know the city has a growing veg community. Next time, I will scout harder. Most of my restaurant meals were pretty lack luster (or I opted to not get anything and eat back at the house), so I'd be happy to hear of other great places. I saw a lot of potential in Slim Goodies, unfortunately, I may have been on an off day. The veg chili was really amazing, so I have hope the tofu scramble can be better.


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