Sunday, December 1, 2013

Mama V's Vegan Thanksgiving Spread

This year was my 5th vegan Thanksgiving, and my parents definitely have the hang of it by now.  Before, I used to have to come up with ideas and give it to them, or they would make their dishes and then make tiny side dishes that were vegan.  This year, I'd say almost all the dishes were vegan!  It was amazing.  My mom came up with the whole menu, and it was delicious!

Main Dish:  Stuffed Tofu

My mom roughly used this recipe, but she cooks like I do, in that she gets a rough outline and then just wings it.  So, she got the general idea for this, then she made up the rest.  It was great!  She'd already pressed the tofu by the time we got there late Wednesday night, so Thursday morning we got up and finished the tofu.

She made a stuffing of mushrooms, onions, celery, tons of spices.  Then, she chopped up dried out bread and tossed everything together.  We used this inside the tofu, as well as around the edges.

Then, she mixed up a soy and miso topping to add color and glaze to the tofu.  The assembly part wasn't the easiest thing, and I think we're still working on how to form it, but the end product was yummy.

We got everything formed up and then baked it in the oven.  We let it rest for a few hours and then baked it again right before all the other dishes were done.

The Side Dishes:  SO MANY VEGGIES

My sister's boyfriend got very excited about this beautiful salad.  My mom made it up and let it soak overnight.  It had carrots, corn, water chestnuts, peas, bean sprouts and green onion.  It was amazing.

Instead of having the goopy canned green bean casserole that have graced out Thanksgiving table for so many years, my mom kept it fresh and light.  She steamed the green beans, then tossed them with shallots and sesame oil.  She served them with those crispy onions.  A little unhealthy ingredients go a long way.

Brussels sprouts were never an item we ate as a kid, but since I fell in love with them, most of my family has too.  My mom roasted some with olive oil, baby bella mushrooms and pine nuts.  They were perfect.

We had a simple sweet potato mash with sweet potatoes, orange juice, earth balance and salt and pepper.

Oh no, I'm not nearly done yet.  There was wild rice with steamed asparagus.  It was simple and great.  It became a topping for the roasted acorn squash my mom made.  She cut it in pieces, poured a little olive oil and garlic on top and roasted it.

Last but not least, there was vegan mushroom gravy, and my dad made some amazing rolls.  He's the bake master in the house.

Not pictured is an amazing home made cranberry sauce that my mom made.  It was so delicious.  I loaded my plate and then only ate about half of it.  There were so many things to try.

The next day, I made a leftover brunch.  It was amazing.

Leftovers are the best part of Thanksgiving, aren't they?

If you want to see pictures of all the puppies we had at my parents' house, head over to Scribbly Brain.


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