Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Stressed Out Selfies

Oh man, everyone.... the stress level is high, so this post will be short.  Josh and I worked until midnight last night, and then at 4:30 his on call phone went off.  So, I'm running on a lack of sleep.  So, when I woke up, I was craving something with fat and carbs.

For lunch, we had one of our favorite flooring reps come and show us some new products.  She also brought me an amazing sandwich.  I had some of my Thanksgiving Stack Salad with it.

When Josh gets stressed out at work, I send him silly faces.  So, that's just what I did.

I have a lot of fun sending him goofy pictures, and he liked it.  After my great lunch, I had a clementine + almond snack around 3.  I was hoping to go to yoga, but my class got cancelled.

I really really wanted to come home and cook an amazing meal.  I got inspired by Hungry Hungry Hippie's fantastic post about the wonders of peanut butter and pumpkin.  I fantasized about making roasted tempeh over a bed of brown rice, kale and walnuts, covered in a peanut butter pumpkin sauce.  Doesn't that sound amazing?!  In the end, the amount of work I needed to do tonight won out, and I came home and warmed up some lasagna.

This week is testing for me.  I am trying to stay healthy, but my stress level is so high.  I am used to going to yoga and letting this all fall off me, but I don't have that right now.  My pain level today is relatively low, so I'm optimistic I'll get some workouts in within the next few days.  Stay positive!  I have been dealing with some fermented grape juice, which is probably not the best thing for me.

I really like making funny faces....

The stress will let up.  This is only temporary.  That is my mantra.  One day at a time.


  1. Sorry to hear things are so stressful right now. Hopefully life will calm down soon.

    1. thanks! i know it will get better. overworking + not working out does a number on my head.

  2. It will let up! It will! It will!

    That avocado toast looks amazing. I always forget to make that, but that's really one of my favorite breakfasts.

    1. trying to stay positive! now i'm just exhausted. josh came home at midnight from work to find me passed out in the middle of reading game of thrones. i need a good night sleep and i'll be back to normal :) probably should also lay off the weeknight wine.


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