Thursday, November 28, 2013

Stack Salad: Spinach Chickpea with Pumpkin Cream

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I hope you are all having a happy day with people that you love, and I hope you're not getting too hard of a time for not touching the turkey.  This is my 5th vegan Thanksgiving, and my dad still likes to give me a hard time.  It doesn't stop him from tearing into the Earth Balance.

Thanksgiving is a time that a lot of people over eat, but this year I wanted to really focus on healthy.  So often, I've had the attitude that "oh, I'll eat healthy after the holidays."  Not this year!  I knew I had to prep my body with tons of veggies and vitamins, and my mom has a huge healthy dinner planned.  Mama V has quit smoking and is doing T25 workouts every day.  She's a rock star, and she loves cooking vegan for me.  This year, she has crafted a stuffed tofu dish, but more on that another day.

Work was bananas this week, as in working all day and late into the night, so I knew I needed healthy food to combat all the stress.  Knowing we would be traveling, I took all the veggies in the fridge and made a few batches of juice.  The first one was carrots, apples, and lemon.  Yum.  This juice will wake you up in the morning.  The second batch I made was all of the green veggies in the house, plus more lemons and ginger.  Monday and Wednesday I drank juice all morning, and Tuesday I supplemented it with a tempeh wrap.

All week, I ate the same thing every day, but it was easy and ready for me when I needed a break.  Lunches were the highlight.  On Sunday, I made up a few stack salads for the week.  The base was chickpeas, hearts of palm and some potato string fries we had left over.  There were tons of spinach and green onions crammed in there too.  For a salad I didn't really plan, this turned out great.

The highlight of this salad was the "dressing."  I used the pumpkin cashew cream that I made the other night for the gnocchi.  Oh wow.  The bulk of the sauce was vegetable stock, so I'm going to decree it was pretty healthy.  It was definitely yummy.  

Snacks all week, as usual, were almonds.  The news organizations are all a buzz about how eating a small handful of nuts will curb your appetite.  I don't usually listen to the latest "this food will make you healthy" blah blah, but nuts are great for you.  Case closed.

For dinners every night, I just warmed up my creamy gnocchi.  It was satisfying and perfect to combat stress.  Yum.

A highlight to my day was a shout out from Lululemon of Little Rock.  The shared my blog this morning as part of their #nohumbug challenge.  It really made my day.

I hope everyone has a lovely holiday, and I'll be back in a few days to report on Mama V's Thanksgiving.


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