Monday, October 21, 2013

Car Camping at Woolley Hollow State Park

Friday night, Josh and I decided that my pain level was too high to go on the backpacking trip we planned, but I felt up to a little car camping.  We packed up all of our stuff, made a menu, and decided where to go.  Saturday morning, we packed the car, made a lunch, and headed to Lake Sylvia, which isn't far outside of Little Rock.  As we approached the camp ground, we got excited by how beautiful it was.  The air was crisp and cool, and the camp ground was virtually empty!  We would be able to pick anywhere we wanted.  As we got closer, we realized that no one was there.  Pulling up to the entrance, we looked on in horror to see a "Gate Closed" sign, and another sign below reading, "Due to lack of government funding, the park is closed until further notice."  We stared at the sign confused.  The government had re-opened 2 days before... why was the park closed?!

After a few minutes of frantic google searching, we called around to other camp sites in the area.  Apparently, only Lake Sylvia was closed, and we had several options within an hours drive.  We decided to head up go Greenbrier and try out Woolley Hollow State Park on Lake Bennett.  I am so glad this is where we chose to go.  It was beautiful!

We called ahead, and the helpful and cheery staff told us to, "Come on over!"  We drove into the camp site to find it full of children and families and people fishing.  The staff gave us a tent site away from the rowdy children, which we were quite thankful for.  It was a perfect spot!

Josh went to check us in and came back with a spooky stories campfire book.  I was super happy!  It was already 2 or so, and we hadn't eaten all day, so I broke out our picnic lunch while Josh set up our hammocks.  We had a wide assortment of vegan (for me) and non-vegan (for Josh) food for the trip, and we ate our sandwiches at the picnic table.  Car camping, to me, is like an extended picnic, and you guys know how much I like picnics!

Car camping definitely offers some luxuries that backpacking doesn't, like camping chairs and our new (and free) Bose speakers.  I won these at my convention a few weeks ago.  They were great!

Once we got camp set up, we went for a walk around the lake.  We also found a pretty 1/5 mile loop that was right across from out camp site.

The lake was so beautiful, and even though it was cold, there were tons of people out on the water.  Apparently, you can rent paddle boats, which looked like a lot of fun.  We'll definitely have to come back when it's warmer!

It was starting to get dark at the end of our hike, but we still had saw some neat stuff.

I put my camera up for the evening and didn't get it back out.  We roasted hot dogs (vegan for me) over the fire and read stories out loud from the spooky campfire book.  It was a blast.  It got down to about 40 degrees F, but I was snug in my sleeping bag and hammock.  We woke up the next morning to the sun rising over the lake, and we had coffee, apples and luna bars before packing up camp.  We made it back into town, showered, and had some brunch.  Overall, it was a lovely weekend, and I can't wait to do more camping in November!


  1. FUN!! We love camping, but we haven't been in forever. We usually tent camp, but I love the hammocks! Great idea!

    1. we're just now getting into hammock camping, but it's fantastic! it takes about as long to set up and can be colder if you don't have the right gear, but it's sooo comfy. there are so many pretty places to camp!

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