Monday, October 21, 2013

Brunch at Bar Louie

Josh and I spent Saturday camping at Woolley Hollow State Park, which I will recap for you tonight, but if you want a sneak peak, check out these pictures.  We got back in town Sunday and were pretty starving, so after showering, we headed to brunch at Bar Louie.

I love their food, but there atmosphere leaves something to be desired.  It's usually over run with macho men, too loud televisions and lackluster wait staff.  Sunday was no exception.  Josh and I stood around the hostess podium for 10 minutes before we gave up and went to find a seat.  Then, we sat another 15 minutes before I could flag down the one waitress on the floor.  Service has never been Bar Louie's strong point.  Our waitress was very nice, though, and the rest of the meal went smoothly.

We were quite hungry, so we started off with the hummus plate.  I always specify that the taziki (and sometimes feta) needs to be on the side.  This dish has come out several different ways in the past, and today was no different.  Sometimes there is tabbouleh, but this time it was olive tepenade.  It was very good, though.

The pita bread was a little hard, but I focused my efforts on the cucumbers instead.  I ordered what I almost always do, a veggie wrap with no queso fresco or mayo.  I ordered broccoli, but it came out with a huge pile of fries.  I didn't complain though, because their fries are yummy.  I just asked for my broccoli, too.

The wrap has hummus, roasted veggies, balsamic, avocado and lots of spinach.  It was SUPER filling, though, so I saved about half my plate for dinner.

I cooked up leftovers later that night before we watched Pacific Rim (oh my gawd, monsters.)  It was just as good warmed up.  I had it with a side salad.

Stay tuned for a car camping, food eating recap of Saturday and some home cooked meals this week!  My pain level is much lower and I'm feeling good about the week! Bar Louie on Urbanspoon


  1. Sooooo, Drew and I went to Bar Louie for the first time this past weekend (well, technically he's been to one in Kansas City, but not the one here) and unfortunately, both of our meals came out wrong. Sadness. I ordered the veggie wrap with no queso fresco and no mayo, but it came out with cheese oozing out of it. And Drew ordered the Portobello burger with no cheese or mayo (because that's what he ordered in KC and it was just a Portobello sandwich basically), but apparently the one here in town is a Portobello cap AND a meat patty, which he didn't realize until it arrived at our table, so that was disappointing as well. Our waitress took everything back and we explained it all to her again. We still had a good time and the food was really good once our orders came back out correctly. I think we'll go again and just hope for the best next time! Sometimes that's all you can do. Unfortunately, we've had that same scenario at several places in town, which is why I think we end up going to the same places over and over again who know us and how we order. Haha!

    1. bar louie can be SO frustrating. their service is horrible. it's not far from our office, and every time we used to order in, it was completely screwed up. like, bad. haha. i have ordered their portabello "sandwich" there, and it was fine. i guess if you order the burger they throw a meat patty on there. crazy. the food is pretty good once you get it together, but it's definitely not a place we go if we want good service, haha.

      i will give a restaurant a couple times to completely screw up before i lose it and don't go back, but i definitely hear you on going back to the same places again and again because they know us.

      we tried to go to old chicago a couple times, but EVERY single time, they completely screwed up our order. at least we have us pizza! :)

    2. Yeah, I haven't tried Old Chicago before. Mellow Mushroom has actually screwed up our order almost every time we've been, buuuuut, I really like the options they have there so we keep going back! Hah! That's another one that I've been to in other cities and never had a problem, but the one here can't seem to get it together sometimes. I guess I'm more bothered when they actually have "vegan" somewhere in the menu, because I feel like the wait and cook staff should be informed and know better, but oh well!

    3. definitely. i love mellow mushroom, but the staff definitely leave something to be desired at our restaurant. we eat there a lot when we're driving through the south, and we never have a problem. it seems like every time we've been in LR it's been fine, but we've only been a handful of times. i recently had their tofu sandwich, no mayo, with daiya, OH MY GOD. it was crazy good.

    4. That sounds AWESOME!!! I need to branch out from the pizza and order a sandwich, but man...the pizza is really good tooooo. haha!

  2. Thanks for this post! I'm going to Bar Louie in Tampa, FL tonight for a going-away happy hour for a co-worker, and it can be a challenge to even hear yourself ordering there, let alone figure out *what* to order.
    This should help--Lisa


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