Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Attempting to Eat Healthy While Managing Pain

Fuzzy iphone selfie says it all, I am having a bad week.  I had a small procedure Monday in line with all of the other stuff that's happened this year, and I have been in so much pain this week.  My mobility is really limited, so I haven't even been able to think about working out.  You would think that because of that, my eating needs to be spot on and light.  However, when I hurt, I compensate with food.  I'm really trying to eat healthy, but the urge to eat crap is there.

Tuesday was the day after my doctor's appointment, and I was not feeling good.  I tried to pack in as much protein as possible.

I made up a tofu salad wrap with an apple, and it made me feel healthy and satisfied.  I packed up another lunch salad like yesterday, and I started to feel like I was really handle my pain in a healthy way.

Then, everything went to crap.  I was hurting so much that I got sick and dizzy, and Josh ended up coming to rescue me.  After sleeping for awhile, I crawled out of bed and went to find something for dinner.

I tried to stick with a simple tofu salad on an english muffin, because I didn't want to get sick again.  Bodhi decided to be a model, so I had to snap a few photos of her.

I woke up today feeling even worse, but as I'm under deadline, I really didn't have the option to stay in bed.  Josh drove me into work, since I left my car the night before, and I didn't make it to the office before I started crying.  It didn't stop there.  I called my doctor to make sure everything was ok and ended up losing it again, then my office manager came in and the tears kept flowing.  Bah.  After a good bit of tears, I actually felt a lot better.

I managed to wrap up a healthy breakfast, but lunch was kind of a disaster.

I had to head to an unexpected lunch meeting, so knowing they wouldn't have anything for me, I wolfed down some crackers before we headed out.

When I got back, I was still a little hungry, so my co-worker came to my rescue with some almonds.

After work, I was ready to get home and lay down, but I needed to pick up some medicine at Kroger, so I also picked up a few things for dinner.  As you can tell, I am a bit obsessed with the probiotic drink.  Yum.  I also built up a salad to go.

After a long bath, some Josh/Bodhi time, and an ice cream sandwich, I'm feeling much much better.

It's so easy to dig myself into a hole when I don't feel good, but I really have to remember to eat light and healthy because that will ultimately make me feel better.

What do you do when you are feeling sick or hurt?  Are there go-to foods that you eat to manage it?


  1. When I'm tired, stressed or sick all I want is cheese pizza - simple, no dishes, warm and very filling since I eat the whole darn thing. Well, after a week of this, my weight is up 10 pounds, I feel slugglish and my complexion looks bad. - Digging myself out of hole, again.


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