Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Alfredo Broccoli Bowl and Many Other Eats

Hello, all!  I know I've been gone for several days.  My convention is over and was tons of fun, and yesterday I had a rather unpleasant doctors appointment, followed by a baby visit and zombies!  All in all, not a lot of time to recap my eats.  I'm back now, though, and ready to get back into my routine.

Wednesday, I headed up to Fayetteville/Rogers, Arkansas, for my annual AIA convention.  My lovely friend, Devon, let me and several friends stay at her house, and she was an amazing hostess.  I had the luxury of eating tofu scramble every morning and having all sorts of yummy things cooked for me.  Unfortunately, I was having such a good time that I didn't snap a lot of pictures of many meals.  Wednesday night, we went out to dinner at Greenhouse Grill, which is one of my favorite places in Fayetteville.  They mark all their items vegan, and they have a ton of options.  After that, we took a tour of the new Architecture building on the University of Arkansas campus.  It's beautiful!  I'm jealous that I didn't get to go to school there!  You can see the whole construction process here.

Another wonderful thing that happened was our best friends gave birth to a little girl, who I just got to meet yesterday.  After a long labor, little Ellie is finally here!

Thursday, we spent most of the day at convention.  Lunch options are never that great, so I brought some protein to add to my salad.  Good idea, since there wasn't much at the steak house we went to.

That evening, we had a casual dinner at Devon's.  She roasted up brussels sprouts, pine nuts and broccoli.  YUM!  Friday, I spent all day listening to the featured speakers and sketching.  That night of convention is always the big grand dinner and awards, where I usually eat a bunch of rolls and try to not drink too much wine.  Fortunately, the coordinator for the event is a friend and made sure there was something I could eat.  She specified a vegan meal for me and a few other vegetarians that was truly great!

Saturday, I headed to Fayetteville to meet up with an old friend from college for lunch.  We went to Thai Diner, which was one of my favorite places.  In Fayetteville, there are tons of thai restaurants, which is something I really miss.  We just don't have that many options in Little Rock.  Devon and I were feeling a little worse for wear after our Friday night bar hopping, so we decided later in the afternoon to try out a local microbrewery with a few friends.  Apparently, microbreweries are popping up all over Northwest Arkansas.  So, we headed to Apple Blossom Brewery to give it a try.  I am sad to report that I didn't really dig it.

Devon and I split a flight of all their beer, and they ranged from mediocre to just down right weird.  There were a few that I would have again, but overall, not impressed.  I also saw that they had a tofu bahn mi sandwich on their menu, but it was overly bready and not delicious.  Fail on both parts.

We spent the rest of the day watching The Walking Dead on the couch.  It was pretty magical.  Devon and I got a bit hungry, so she made us some healthy hummus wraps and broccoli bowls.  After the heavy thai food, beer and fries, this was much needed.

The next morning, we got up and finished off the broccoli and hummus and headed out for some YOGA.  We did a pretty good job of getting in lots of walks and even a little running while I was there, but after Friday night + Saturday, Devon and I needed some yoga therapy.  We went to an amazing class at Yoga Deza. 

I left the class feeling completely reset and happy.  No Fayetteville trip would be complete without a trip to Ozark Natural Foods.  I have loved this place for years, way before I even went vegetarian.  Their hot food bar is still way better than any I've ever been to, and the atmosphere is great.  We raided the salad bar, soup bar and burritos and split a huge lunch.  I even introduced Devon to my new obsession, sparkling probiotic drinks.

Thank you, Devon and Lucy, for hosting me all week.  It was truly an amazing time, and I miss you both already.

After lunch, I said goodbye to Fayetteville and Devon and headed home.  The drive was beautiful, and Bodhi and Josh were happy to see me.  I decided I need to do a little cooking, so I raided the pantry and made up a yummy dinner.  No recipe is really required, as I just sauteed broccoli and chick peas and ate them with pasta and Victoria Vegan alfredo sauce, but it was very good.  We got the roasted red pepper, and Josh said it was a winner.

It was nice to sit down and have dinner with Josh.... and Bodhi of course.

Before I went to bed, I mixed up some tofu salad, because we didn't have much else in the house to eat.  Grocery shopping is a big must this week!

Monday, I ate a tofu salad burrito for breakfast, followed by a big salad for lunch.  I need to introduce more lunch salads, because they leave me feeling so light and happy.

The salad was spinach, carrots, broccoli straws, pumpkin seeds, pasta and black beans.  Yum!  After lunch, I headed to my surgeon for a fairly painful checkup and left not feeling very awesome.  I stopped at Whole Foods and got a soup (sweet potato peanut) snack and another sparkling probiotic drink.  I think out of all of them, the mango is still my favorite.

After work, we went down to see our friends' new baby, and she was awesome!  I'm so happy that she's finally here and can't wait to watch her grow.  We were tired and worn out after, so we headed to our go-to pick me up dinner, Senior Tequila.  I think we both just enjoy sitting and reading the local news and eating chips.

I stayed away from the shell for the most part and didn't even finish the inside.  I'm going to need to do better on food intake for awhile, because I am having a ton of pain and limited movement after my doc appointment.  I don't think I'll be having a lot of good workouts this week, so I definitely need to keep food under control.

Hopefully the weather and my health will improve and we can do some outdoorsy things this weekend.  Look forward to some vegan food for backpacking and pictures of fall in Arkansas.

Glad to be back!


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