Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Good Friday

Thanks for sticking with me this week through all my whining and grouchy posts.  Being in pain is the worst.  I woke up Friday feeling much better.  I packed up the salad I made the night before and had it for breakfast at work.  I had a very productive Friday morning, and I headed out at noon.

Lunch was my end of the week ritual, Whole Foods.  I snagged up hot food and a salad, but after the hot food I was full, so the salad was saved for later.  I cannot stop buying these sparkling probiotic drinks.  I liked this one a lot.  The mango is still my favorite.

I spent the afternoon hanging out with our best friends and their newborn.  She is sooo awesome!  She liked Aunt Dana quite a bit.

When I got home, Josh and I opened a bottle of wine and listened to hip hop.  It was definitely a great end to a terrible week.  I made up a big salad for dinner.

That's spinach, broccoli straws, carrots, hearts of palm, pumpkin seeds, goddess dressing and sriracha.  Yum!  I had planned on making a turnip curry, but I had too much fun playing with the baby.  I'll get back in the kitchen soon.  I really want to make these pumpkin muffins!

We have some fun stuff planned for the weekend now that I'm feeling better.  Stay tuned for pictures!

What are your plans for the weekend?

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