Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Snapshot of the Day

The house has been decorated.

Cookies were made.

Bodhi was cuddled.

Tofu salad was eaten and loved.  (Thanks Bianca!)

Lunch was snagged at Kroger.

The last of the curry was finished.

Today was a good day :)

Stay tuned for Halloween costumes and chili!  What are you dressing up as for Halloween?

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Monday and Tuesday Eats

All last week, I was eating crap and feeling bad about myself, but no more!  I can only take being a funk before so long before the pendulum swings back the other way.  This week is going pretty well.  Since last night, I brought you my recipe for Turnip and Tempeh curry, I thought tonight I would recap what I've been eating for the past two days.

Monday morning, I hadn't yet gone grocery shopping, but I knew I needed to have a healthy food plan for the day.  So, I got up in the morning, made a breakfast salad (one of my favorite things), a great lunch and some snacks.

My breakfast salad was spinach, raw zucchini, carrots and sunflower seeds.  I love putting in a little dressing and shaking the crap out of the salad.  yum yum.

For lunch, I had some of the leftover curry.  It was warm, hearty and a perfect lunch.  Before I headed to my doctor's appointment, I had a little hot snack.

Do you guys like these sea snacks?  I think they're delicious, but I end up getting crap all over me.

My doctor's appointment went like those things do, and I left in pain.  I'm not going to let it get me down this time, and although last time I really thought about eating for pain, I kind of fell apart when it got bad.  I am really striving to manage it better, which is going to be no alcohol and much more raw veggies.  So, I headed to the grocery store and bought TONS of organic vegetables.  I know that canned peas are not part of this raw veggie plan, but I saw it and thought it would make a good afternoon snack.

At least I got the low sodium ones.  These peas tided me over until we decided to make dinner later that night.  I wanted something light and healthy, so I went with greens and protein.

I made up a pan of brussels sprouts, kale (covered in a little olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper and nutritional yeast) and some baked tofu (plain, I like it like that.)  I cooked both together at 375 d F for 30 minutes.

I also decided to make up a sauce, since the tofu was plain.  So, I mixed a tablespoon of the vegan mayo, lemon juice, sriracha and mustard.  It makes a bright and spicy sauce.

After dinner there was zombie watching, book reading and bed!  I knew I wanted to get up in the morning so I could make green juice.  After the grocery store, I prepped, washed, cut and stored all the vegetables so I could just grab and go.

Pain-less Green Juice

1 small gala apple
1 1/2 cucumber
2 stalks celery
1 handful parsley
1/2 lemon
1/2 green pepper
1 fistful of romaine

Juice it!  It was delicious. I have been seeing this "green milk" going around on the blogs, which is green juice mixed with almond milk, so I will be trying that soon.

I knew that juice wouldn't cut it to lunch, so I had a snack of tofu and veggies from last night at around 10:30.

I ran a bunch of errands at lunch, including getting stuff for Halloween (stay tuned for a bad ass witch brewing some spicy chili).  When I got back to the office, I got out a stacked salad and shook up some goodness.

Today's stack is black beans, raw zucchini noodles, beets, spinach, artichoke hearts and sunflower seeds.  It was good, and I like that the beets kind of look like blood.  SPOOKY.  Did I mention that Halloween is one of my favorite holidays??

I spent the rest of the afternoon drawing a redline set, and I was growing hungry as the hours went by.  I need to start bringing almonds for an afternoon snack, but instead, I got home and had some more tofu and veggies.  I also decorated for Halloween  Pictures to come!

We decided to have the leftover curry for dinner while we watched The Pete Holmes Show.  I have loved his podcast, You Made it Weird, since the first episode, and I'm really excited about his talk show.  I know we probably need to spend more time eating at a table without TV, but it's usually the half and hour to an hour that we sit down and watch comedy or news.

I made up a large salad of spinach, apples, celery, carrots, red onion, green pepper and sesame seeds.  I made sure to fill my large bowl with salad and my smaller one with curry.

It gets better the more you re-heat it.  I even topped this round off with a healthy dose of sriracha.  At the end, I thought I needed a little bit of vegan chocolate chips.

I love seeing all the green in the pictures, and I'm feeling so much better having a salad or two a day.  Thanks so much for sticking with me through my ups and downs.  I know it's not always beautiful recipes, but it's what goes on day to day.

Now, if I could just get back into a regular workout schedule.