Sunday, September 8, 2013

Weekend Recap: Fort Smith Trip

Friday morning, I got up and made a quick english muffin + earth balance breakfast.  I loved it, because it's salty and satisfying, and it fills me up without having to eat too much.  We had a big deadline at work, and even though I packed a lunch, I decided to go out to Izzy's with the office.

I ordered a steamed veggie plate with wheat rolls, and it was really good.  It was light and just what I wanted.  I added the salsa and spicy peppers, which helped the dish.

I spent the afternoon packing us up to head to Fort Smith, and I made us a picnic to have midway through our trip.  I love picnics more than most things.  I packed up veggie wraps and tons of raw vegetables and hummus.  We stopped in Russellville to have dinner at a rest stop, and I was all smiles as we picnic'd.

Saturday morning, we got up and got a run in.  I got about 2 miles, and Josh did a little more.  I restarted my couch to 5k app, but instead of walking when they say, I just slowly jog.  It felt amazing, and I had the best time per mile I've ever had.  After that, we got cleaned up for our friends' baby shower.  They had a tororo cake and everything!  Her nursery theme is Studio Ghibli, which we had to explain to most people, but it was awesome.

I brought a bunch of crafts for us to do, including painting onsies for the new baby.  We're all pretty nerdy, so there was lots of amazing creations.

I had fun picking out little robot outfits.  Even if they're having a girl, there wasn't any reason to buy pink (in fact, the mother forbade it!)

We went back to Josh's mom's house to watch the Razorback game with family.  We didn't eat much all day (just fruit for me at the baby shower), so we ordered a TON of Chinese food.  I got a few really good tofu dishes, but I was too hungry and working on getting food in to take pictures of it.

Sunday, we met Josh's grandparents for lunch at Village Inn.  I got a bunch of side items, and it made a nice brunch.

After lunch, we headed back to Little Rock.  I'm sure we'll tear into the Chinese leftover later, but for now, I'll leave you with pictures of Josh's mom's awesome pit bulls.  They're the sweetest animals I've ever met!  Say hello to Gonzo and Ruby.  I've known them for years, and they're the best!

Here's my weekend recap of MoFo posts I found interesting.  Check it out! :)

Oh She Glow's Thick and Chunky Tomato Sauce.
Kick Ass Lentil Soup!
Grapefruit Jalapeno Martini?  Sign me up!
Peach Basil Smoothie!
Roasted Tomatillo and Apple Salsa

I'm excited about the upcoming week, continuing with small and healthy meals, and lots of running.  I'm also starting my camera class tomorrow, so I'll have more on that.  Happy mofo!


  1. It all looks great! Also, totoro cake!!

  2. Your blog is just so full of... life! I pretty much love it! Must follow... :)

    1. Awesome sauce! Thank you :) I don't do a lot of recipes but I do blabber on about all sorts of things hehe

      I'm glad I found your blog! I love Nola and try to go once a year, so I'll be sure to see what's happening in the city before I trek down

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